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Great Adventure 6-28-18

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@philthynj and I had an AMAZING day at Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor Thursday.  We stayed from opening to closing because the park was DEAD on a Thursday in the summer!!! The park was dead mainly because there were thunderstorms in the forecast, and there were only two instances that were a slight rain, but nothing much.  Hurricane Harbor was also dead, so we managed to do every main slide there other than King Cobra as it was closed.  We also ran into the YouTuber MillenniumForce which was pretty cool.  I got LROTNON (Last Ride Of The Night On Nitro) which was very awesome in the front row!  I was able to successfully do the T-Pose on Nitro and El Toro.  I also beat lots of my own park records yesterday!! ————————————————————————

Here’s the ride count:

El Toro 25x, Bizarro 2x, Kingda Ka 4x, Batman 1x, Nitro 17x, Justice League 3x, Joker 2x, Skull Mountain 1x, Log Flume 1x


Me: 56 Rides


The Four Winds 4x, Big Wave Racer 1x, Big Bambu 1x, Reef Runner 1x, The Falls 2x, Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom 4x, Tornado 1x, Hurricane Mountain 5x


Me: 19 Slides


75 Total Attractions!!!


I beat my record for riding El Toro in one day, as I rode it 25 times yesterday.  I broke my record for riding Nitro in one day, getting 17 rides.  I also rode more rides in one day than I ever have before at 56 rides.  For Hurricane Harbor, I broke my slide count for one day getting on 19 slides.  And we actually went back and forth from Parks which I’ve never done in one day.  In total, I rode 75 Attractions which I’ve never even came close to!!

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That's awesome you got so many rides in 1 day. I'd like to be able to try something like that but I have never gotten more than around 35 rides in 1 day. One trip to the park after 11 Nitro rides, I had enough. To combine that with 19 water slides must have been exhausting. I know when I go to Dorney and climb over 1000 steps in the water park during 2 - 3 hours, I don't feel like riding more than a few coasters later in the day.

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Most rides I had on Toro in a single day was 24. I could do more but I also marathon Nitro as well and crowds can affect how many rides I get too. This year I only have around 25 Nitro Rides and 15 El Toro rides in only three trips because I kinda don't like how the park and company is run this year and I have Cedar Fair passes this year as well. I'd rather visit Cedar Fair parks more than Six Flags parks.


Also, I watch Millenniumforce on YouTube as well. His footage for roller coasters and trains are great and I am a bit of a train enthusiast as well.

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