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a new dc universe area?


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since you know movietown and old country have added rides themed to dc make me think

what if they turn both movietown and old country into dc universe like six flags magic mountain has

here the changes:


first there are 3 enterances one where movietown sign is with a small version of the enterance to dc universe from six flags magic mountain,

the another enterance is between ritas and food court like metropolis sign from six flags magic mountain, and the one in old country with the same sign like the one at six flags magic mountain again.


the first coaster to be added here is a sky rocket 2 coaster in enterprise and music express spot called superman ultimate flight.


then demolished the stunt arena for a rmc trex coaster called the joker then add a tilt n whirl ride next to the joker called harley quinn spinsanity.


studio 28 arcade converted into 2 spaces, one on the right used for meet and greet location and other one used for adventure alley gifts and turn gotham city store into dc universe store and turn nacho shop into ace o subs and turn mama floras into big belly burgers.


then add a zamperla mega disko called bizzaro and a chance style themed to lex luthor in freefall space,


then converted the white chiller building into a lex corp arcade.


then add a zamperla enterprise in front of the chiller building called wonder womans lasso of truth.


then add a restaurant next to cyborg in that grass area and called it teen titans tower pizza and add a facade in where the waffle cones stand used to be like in six flags magic mountain.


then change the pavement from blue to grey color pavement.


then add a show in showcase theater.


plus retheme the joker to hurricane force. bizzaro to bandit. other superman to jersey devil. harley quinn back to captain black beards lost treasure train. and green lantern to riptide. so what did you think?

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Also my version of the DC Universe area keeps the Batman arena and just rethemes it to Justice League and turns the Chiller observatory into the Watchtower.


Justice League Arena is where people can meet hobos dressed as the DC cast minus Cyborg (wah wah waaaah), and also where people can cosplay and where bands can play (concert in front of the Cyborg ride)


I think having the themed rides scattered around gives it a little more variety.

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