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Seaworld Parks & Entertainment Additions for 2020: Five New Rollercoasters Planned

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There’s still a decent chunk being saved. That was a huge structure with two circuits, and the new coaster will just be a single circuit. I think they may have found issues they weren’t expecting when they began working on it as well. 

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg has confirmed that the new coaster for 2020 will be 180 ft. tall.  For 2021, the park is now attempting to get approval for a 355 ft. tall attraction that is slender and has a "lattice-type" construction.  It sounds like they might be planning a Funtime StarFlyer for 2021, but this project is facing some resistance from local residents.




Since 2017, supervisors have approved other height waivers for rides proposed by Busch Gardens.


All were granted, allowing the amusement park to build Finnegan’s Flyer, the Project 2019 coaster formerly known as “Madrid” and now the unknown attraction.


The original Madrid project received a height waiver for 315 feet, but Cheely gave previously unreleased information at the meeting, stating that project as originally planned will not come to fruition.


Because the height waiver was already approved, another project is taking Madrid’s place. That project will be about 180 feet at its tallest, Cheely added.


“It’s a lot less than it would’ve been if the Madrid project would’ve gone through,” she said.

Suzy Cheely is the senior leader of design and engineering at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


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Hate the name, like the backstory

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What Sea World Entertainment is doing is incredible.


Todays announcements included,


Iron Gwazi for Busch Gardens Tampa,



Ice Breaker for Seaworld Orlando,



and Texas Stingray for Sea World San Antonio.


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