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Great Adventure, Nov. 3, 2018

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This past Saturday I got a chance to go check out the bonus days for GA and get my last rides on the western side of the park for the season. After meeting up with Officer O'Leary and NewJerseyCoasters, we walked around the park to grab pictures and footage. High winds kept a majority of the rides down for the day, with Justice League being closed from about 12:30-closing. It was interesting to see the removal of FF props happen at the same time that HITP decorations went up. I was also able to see the future Wonder Woman site and the blue fences and land clearing that came up since my last trip. Next time I'll be at the park, HITP will be in full swing! 

Rides for my day: Bizarro, El Toro, El Diablo, Superman, Green Lantern, Nitro, Batman and Cyborg. Pictures and videos hopefully soon to follow.

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