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Power Rangers Island (Marvel Island Replacement)

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Since Universal has Transformers in their parks (despite being more a Paramount property than a Dreamworks one). Since Hasbro has the license to Power Rangers now as well, I see it could be a replacement to Marvel Island, but I wouldn't say anything about it happening til 2021 when the current contract ends with Nick for the series (which will follow with adapting 2012's Tokumei Sentai Go-busters as Power Rangers Beast Morphers with either 2016's Doboutsu Sentai Zyuohger or 2017's Uchu Sentai Kyuranger being the most likely options to succeed it).



  • Incredible Hulk is rethemed to Power Rangers Time Force where you are launched into the past to stop Ransik (the main villain of the season) from changing history
  • Storm Force is renamed Wind and Thunder, which is based off the concept of being two teams in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
  • The Spider-Man dark ride is rethemed to Power Rangers SPD where you are patrol the streets of New Tech City to track down the 1% who commit wrong, ending with a confrontation with Emperor Grumm. The Alteriverse Store and that side becomes a restaurant themed to Piggy, a neutral character in the series who has a struggling restaurant business because everyone leaves when the rangers show up (this establishment would be a sit down restaurant)
    • If Beast Morphers is successful enough, you could easily change the above to being recruited into the Beast Morphers group instead to stop Evox (that about as much as I can get from what is known to the public)
      • Lightspeed Rescue, Operation Overdrive, RPM
  • Doctor Doom's Fearfall is rethemed to NASDA (The equivalent of NASA seen in Turbo and Wild Force)  and is called NASDA Space Port. To continue with the space theme, retheme Cafe 4 into the Surf Spot seen in in Space (This is the Quick Service Restaurant [QSR])
  • The Building across from Fearfall/Space Port would become the main shopping place
  • Most of the Captain America Diner would be removed (Ben and Jerry's and the a joining backstage area would probably stay). I feel like adding another ride, but i don't want to take from that "shore" area. I feel if they did anything related to Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, or Dino Charge would be too close to Jurassic Park. I have no good ideas for Zeo, Turbo, Mystic Force, Jungle Furry, Samurai, or Megaforce. I was thinking about a Gerstlauer Sky Roller or Sky Flyer (the latter being more compact) themed to Ninja Steel (Power Star Spin?). 



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Ok, just got a new idea:


  • Since Beast Morphers involves the mysterious "Morph-X" being combined with Animal DNA, you could easily strip the Marvel branding (might just have to repaint a different shade of green and do new footage). New Name: Grid Buster Blast
  • Still keeping Storm Force Wind and Thunder because it works, could change once a Kyuanger adaption is announced. The name could also be used for the Skyhawk
  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man becomes a Time Force dark ride (could do something on the lines of Back to the Future where the riders get sucked into different eras and dimensions, ending with a meeting with any villain [I don't think it has to be Ransik])
  • If the drop towers can run different cycles (like Sasquatch at Great Escape), perhaps Flurious and Moltor (the main antagonists from Operation Overdrive, could also work being themed to Ice and Fire respectively)
  • I keep my choices for shops and restaurants from above and they probably won't touch Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, or Dino Charge due to similar brands (Jurassic Park and Harry Potter). 
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Universal would have to be incredibly stupid or incredibly broke to give up the use of those Marvel characters for the very fact that they have an exclusive East of the Mississippi and it effectively blocks Disney from doing anything with the core Avengers IP.  In perpetuity. 


I'll never understand why you guys put all this time and effort into elaborate park plans that will never, ever come to fruition.  Then again, I don't understand fantasy sports either so perhaps it's a failure of imagination on my part. 

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