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13 hours ago, Matt Kaiser said:

They haven't been able to find people to be superheroes. They need to meet strict appearance guidelines and be approved by DC / Warner Bros. Just not something easy to find in our area for whatever they're paying. And on top of that, they can't just have 1 superhero, so they need to find, hire, and approve a batch of 2-3 actors - maybe even 3 at minimum.


That was my understanding as well, based on some reading up on Disney and other companies' policies.  "Face" characters (aka non-Furries) are super hard to cast because you have to look and sound the part (including height, weight, physique and voice) and you have to cast the whole "crew".  If you cast Batman, you need Robin and Joker/Riddler/insert villain or you cast Wonder Woman instead of a villain.  Superman is especially tough even with a padded suit. Oh, and on top of all of that, you have to find people with the patience of saints to put up with idiots all day long.  It's cute when little kids wanna take a swing at Bats or Supes, but not so much when it's a grown adult who thinks they're being funny.  Same thing with women who take on the Wondie role - every creeper is gonna want a hug and you get to deal with their personal hygiene issues without the filter of a mask, you get ogled all day long, other women make catty comments about the size of your thighs, and there's always that one grown manchild who want to grab your anatomy. Furries are way easier, though climbing in a plush suit in 90+ degree weather with 1000% humidity ain't easy, even if you have a cooling system on.

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