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Day 15 -2018: Offer online Season Pass/Membership Processing/Validation

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  • 29yrswithaGApass changed the title to Day 15 -2018: Offer online Season Pass/Membership Processing/Validation

Yes. I hate those deadlines to process. One cannot help weather, etc. On more an 1 occasion, I’ve have gone to the park in the pouring rain just to beat that deadline.  It would be so much easier to just do it online. Even if it was for renewals that are already in the system...  

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The processing dates during the Labor Day sale are usually only around a month making it difficult for anyone who lives further away to be able to process the pass in time. I ended up paying $83 during the Thanksgiving weekend sale instead of $68 during the Labor Day sale because I couldn't get to the park by September 30th. With Cedar Fair's system, all I have to do is enter my current season pass number, upload a picture if the current picture is more than a few years old and as soon as the purchase is complete, my pass is renewed. I'd like to see a similar set up for Six Flags.

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One of the few positive things about memberships is that they actually don't have those activation dates.

I think they exist for season passes purely to encourage people to visit the park an extra time that they might not have. There's also really no processing that's actually done for either passes or memberships - you're just given a card at the main gate when you arrive and that's it.

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