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Day 23 - 2018: Add a Scenic Boat Ride on the Great Lake

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Great Adventure has the unique benefit of being located alongside a scenic lake which many guests find as a beautiful and relaxing attraction onto itself.  The park should add a small boat or two to offer leisurely cruises around the lake departing from the former site of the Great Lake Grandstand.  As an added bonus, an entertaining and informative video could play on monitors around the boat telling the story of Great Adventure's history.



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Unlike Cedar Point-It's not a big lake that surrounds almost the entire part

Unlike Geauga Lake/SeaWorld Ohio-they won't build on the other side of the lake


Maybe experiment with it during a Coaster Con, but I don't see this happening

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^Well being Cedar Point’s lake is one of the Great Lakes there is no comparison.  Not trying to be.  


And unlike Geauga Lake, this isn’t meant as a transportation system to take you to another part of the park. That is why the wish is for a “scenic” boat ride. 

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At the parks I have been to with a boat ride, it is a nice way to take a break from the thrill rides and coasters. It would also be nice that this would be another tame ride at the park almost anyone could enjoy.

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