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I visited Great Adventure on Sunday for my first and maybe only trip to Holiday in the Park this year.


I got to the park around 2:00 and processed my 2019 season pass and went to Justice League first. I have already said what I think of the ride in past reports and threads but this ride still amazes me with well done it is. There are new targets to discover and always ways to try to improve your high score. I got around 150,000 and noticed the screen stated it was a top 2% or 3% score. Did the top scores reset sometime this year? In May I got over 200,000 and that was a top 5% score.


After lunch I went to Nitro and only had to wait 1 train. There isn't much better than being able to ride a coaster as great as Nitro late in the year when a few years ago when it would have been just few weeks into the off season.


I tried to ride Justice League again. The line was just out of the building and I was expecting around 15 minutes to get to the single rider line entrance based on past trips. After the line moving was normally, it almost stopped about 5 minutes in line. With so many people going from the show that had just ended to the ride, the Flash Pass line was past the statues and almost outside which caused the regular line to barely move. I left and came back later but I guess it is because anyone with Flash Pass not needing to reserve a ride time with the wrist bands (like Cedar Fair parks), so many people went to ride at the same time.


I went back to Nitro for another ride and Skull Mountain. After those rides and Batman, I noticed during my 3rd time in line for Nitro the park was starting to get more crowded. The line went from being on the stairs at Nitro to past where the 30 minute sign was in just a few minutes.


Sky Screamer was closed and was cycling empty when I got near the entrance, it opened a few minutes later and I only had to wait 2 cycles to ride. I wanted to try to ride again later in the day but it broke down again.


For my 2nd Skull Mountain ride, the line was into the cave but moved really fast, much faster than normal and was only around 10 minutes. I went to The Dark Knight next and then back to Nitro again for yet another lap.


After riding the Skyway, I went to walk around the rest of the park. The Boardwalk looks great with all the light up decorations such as the ornaments and presents. Green Lantern had no wait for a middle row. I know the ride isn't popular with a lot of enthusiasts but I think it's good, but still miss Scream Machine.


After dinner I went back to Justice League, this time with about a 15 minute wait just to get to the single rider line which was empty. The Dark Knight was loading the cars differently than normal. Instead of the cars moving and 1 car loading at time, 4 cars were stopped in the station and all 4 were loaded at once. I finished the trip with another ride at Nitro and Skull Mountain.


Holiday In The Park was excellent as always. Even without the entire park open, there is a lot to see and plenty of rides and coasters to choose from.


Ride Count:

Nitro, 5

Batman, 1

Skull Mountain, 3

The Dark Knight, 2

Green Lantern, 1

Skyway, 1

Sky Screamer, 1

Justice League, 2




















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Nice report!  It is good to hear that the Justice League ride ranks so high for you.  It is a cool dark ride.


I was told that the new huge ball ornament in your photo above is referred to as the Death Star by the in-house people at the park.  That is too accurate!

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Thank you


Justice League is either my 2nd or 3rd favorite ride in the park. I don't think anything will top Nitro for me but it's a tough choice after that with either Justice League or El Toro after Nitro.


I would not have noticed how similar the ornament is to the Death Star without hearing it first but I agree it is an accurate reference.

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I was at the park the day before to celebrate my birthday. Crowds were pretty much nonexistent and almost every ride was a walk on, Justice League never got past a 10 minute wait. 

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