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I wasn't expecting to get back to the park this season but being an hour away on Tuesday, I decided to go for a few hours to finally be able to say I was at Great Adventure on a day in January. I was expecting it to be extremely crowded with the temperature almost 60 degrees during the day, bring a friend free and fireworks. It was crowded when I first got to the park around 3 but not as bad as I was expecting and people started to leave around 6.


Justice League was first since the line wasn't too bad yet. The projections before the barrels that fall weren't working but if you shot the area where the projections were supposed to be, they still registered. Otherwise, the ride was excellent like usual.


Nitro was about 15 minutes. There isn't anything much better than to ride a B&M Hypercoaster (or any major coaster) in January without having to travel.


After Batman and The Dark Knight I went to SkyScreamer with only a 2 cycle wait. It was kind of cold at the top, although still tolerable.


Skull Mountain had some added theming for 2019. There was a bat flying around the station and flying in and out of the ride area right before the station. I wanted to get a picture but the bat was moving so fast and since I was going to board the next train, my phone was secured in a zippered pocket with not enough time to get to the phone before it went back into the ride area.


I got dinner early thinking lines might be bad for food later with some of the places closed. After dinner I went back to Nitro, then again to SkyScreamer with no wait.


The rest of the time, I basically kept going to Nitro, SkyScreamer and Skull Mountain including a re-ride at both Nitro and Skull Mountain also stopping at Harley Quinn Crazy Train since there was no wait. The Joker was closed the entire time I was at the park. As much as I would have liked to have stayed for the fireworks, I knew I wouldn't get home until 12:15 or 12:30 am at the earliest and left just after 8.


It was a nice way to end the season. With the offseason just over 3 months, it doesn't seem so bad anymore when a few years ago it would have been over 2 months with no coasters and the offseason around half over at this point.


Ride Count:

Nitro, 4

Skull Mountain, 5

SkyScreamer, 3

Batman, 1

The Dark Knight, 1

Justice League, 1

Harley Quinn Crazy Train, 1




















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Happy to hear you made it back to the park for New Years!


Once the park started lighting up The Joker with green spotlights for HITP they used that feature year round.  Now that they have replaced the LED red lights on Skull Mountain with red spotlights, I wonder if they will light that ride up during the rest of the season.



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Thank you


I would like to see Skull Mountain red up the entire season.

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