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Welcome Past & Present Ride Operations Team Members!

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I worked at GA from the summer of '79 thru the summer of '82. I was 14 when I started. I didn't exactly lie about my age. The guy interviewing me assumed I was 16 and I didn't bother to correct him. I don't think that could happen now, the internet makes information verification much easier. I loved it. I started in Rides pool so I ended up running a lot of different rides. After that, I worked the train ride, log flume, hydro flume and Rolling Thunder. As a teen, I loved working at the park. I'd work doubles, I didn't care. I didn't mind working Saturdays and Sundays - heck, I was going to work in a playland. After work, I'd hang out in the park and ride the rides. I remember so many of my co-workers and wonder what they have been up to. Lots of boyfriends, too - just not as memorable.


I was working on Rolling Thunder the morning that Scott fell off and died in 81. That was pretty traumatic. Worst day at work ever. Scott and I didn't get along so well and that event taught me a lot about how to treat people. I remember the investigation and the OSHA interviews. The guys who designed the ride kept insisting that the train couldn't leave the station if any of the bars were not locked. I was arguing with one of the guys that I did just that every morning for the past couple of months. All the while I was thinking that I was getting myself fired for admitting that we broke the safety rules every morning. I remember our team being referred to as "Kill Coaster". Grim time.


I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Funny thing - every time I hear the song "Funky Town" (which isn't often), I think of Aaron who worked in Grounds. He was so sweet.


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Rosie, any info you can share with us on the operations of the train ride? We haven't been able to gather much firsthand information on the details of that ride so we'd love to hear some.

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I do recall that Security would recive frequent calls, usually beginning in mid-afternoon from the "Train-Lead" telling us that the crew had seen "fence-jumpers" coming into the Park from the far Western end of the Train track circuit.. (There was no fence out there, just lakeshore). The train would beat the trespassers back to the Park by about 7 minutes or so which was plenty of time for a motor unit to get around the perimeter road to chase them down, while the foot unit in Strawberry Fair caught whoever got thru. The Train Operators were a big help with that sort of operation.

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