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Welcome Past & Present Ride Operations Team Members!

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First year doing Ride ops!


Trained for the whole 240 Boardwak Area


-Green Lantern

-SUF-evacs are going to be a pain lol

-The Twister

- Parachuter's Perch



Congratulations fellow Parachutist!


I loved working that ride in the mid-80s. Operating two chutes at once made the time fly by. The only drawback was that it got extremely hot on that concrete pad all day broiling in the sun, but you do get one hell of a tan! :Heatmizer:

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Thank you!!! :D I'm going to love doing ride ops for all the Boardwalk coasters/attractions! Oh and I'm going to love that tan! ;)


More like farmers tan. I never had the chance to get a tan when I worked at the park,I was always under cover in 250.


Have fun man,you meet some friends you will keep for a long time there.It's not all fun though,it get's stressful I promise you

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Thanks Mike! Lol farmer's tan! I'm Asian so I have that tan built into me. We'll see about the tan.

As for the stressfulness I know how hard it is. I was in foods last year and the long lines were just unbareable. I figure its more stressful operating rides than a cash register! ;)

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Hello, I'm Shelby! This will be my second year in rides, having started last year at Skull Mountain. I spent a majority of my time there though also worked Rolling Thunder, Safari Tours, and Jumpin' Joey. This year, I'll be at Skull Mountain once again! :)


Welcome Shelby! :) I knew you would take my advice and join!

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The enjoyment of afternoon swims? :)



Hahaha i never swam! We had hoses though that we often soaked ourselves with and guests glared in jealousy. It was just a chance and no hours vs the security of more hours type of thing. Plus i miss the sea lions.

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i worked s:uf a few times when i worked gasm, s:uf is a major PITA to start up, plus the last day of the season when you gotta move all the garbage cans to outside the entry sucks....


lol It's not as bad as Lantern! :)

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