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  1. 1. This is more of an industry debate as opposed to GA but: Would you rather have a more themed land with less rides or have a more generic area with more rides

    • Themed Land- Less Rides
    • Generic Area- More Rides

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So this new industry trend is upon us: New themed lands like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pandora are amazingly themed- but they have a very limited amount of attractions for visitors to go on. Compare this to how things used to be (and how they still are at regional parks) where there are areas with light theming (or none at all) and a lot more rides. Think Adventure Alley for GA or Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Would you rather have high themed lands with limited rides or the reverse: low amounts of theming with more rides? Discuss below!

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Definitely go with quality themed attractions at highly themed parks such as Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, Dollywood, etc Theming can be expensive so I think rides that immerse the guests are how those parks should go. For Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks, I'd say they should add more theming to their newer additions but still go quantity. Some of the newer Cedar Fair coasters such as Mystic Timbers, Copperhead Strike , and the two RMCs have theming even if it's not at the level of Disney but it's better than having a generic ride with a random name slapped to it (looking at Hersheypark especially).

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Here's my two cents(for the time being):some of Disney's classic rides -specifically the DL/WDW/Tokyo versions of Space Mt. and Big Thunder -have lots of theming , but the actual rides are so-so;on the other hand,SF has extremely thrilling rides with little themeing.

 I also think SF's "problems"(if you want to call it that) is that they stick rides where they'll fit,and give it a name that has nothing to do with the section it's in(S:UF & GL at the Boardwalk,etc.);also when they did use themeing it seems they let it fall apart after a few years(Houdini's pre-show has seemingly been on the fritz for years now).

 A few places have rides with minimal theming but don't seem cheap or "ghetto"-such as Dollywood and BGW.A lot of their rides have the theming at the station only(such as Thunderhead,Tenn. Tornado,LNM,etc)-but then again those particular parks have exceptional natural surroundings.

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15 hours ago, Maddox121 said:

Themed land... Six Flags is known for parking lot coasters and Golden Kingdom could've been a parking lot land if they would've added one more coaster but they decided not to,

In Great Adv.'s defense they DID add a drop ride to Kingda Ka....but yeah-the area could use another ride or three.And it would help if it had a decent sit-down eatery.

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I don’t particularly care about theming (my favorite roller coaster of all time, Nitro, has virtually no theming), but I would rather have a great ride less frequently than a mediocre ride every year.

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