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NEW - Jersey Devil Coaster delayed until 2021

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Here is an odd little tidbit that I am not sure they were counting on:   - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th highest coaster (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, and JD)

Forum,   I am catching up on site maps at a very reasonable pace. After being a month behind, I am caught up to February 23rd as of early this morning. The current lineup of site maps goes a

I know assembly of this will be fairly quick, but this made me laugh the other day in the "Great Adventure Connoisseurs" group on Facebook:     

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48 minutes ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

Great pictures!  Thanks so much. 


Is that devil creature near maintenance?   Is that the Green Lantern sculpture from the bottom of the first drop painted red?


Also, the graphic is terrific.  Really lays things out for us. 


Thank you again!  :)

No problem!

The Devil creature is located near the maintenance shed, near the Movietown arena!


I’m pretty sure it is from the green lantern sculpture, and from what it looked like in person, it was an orangish/red color! Fingers crossed, it’ll be utilized in Jersey Devil’s entrance/queue line!

Regarding the graphic, it was made by my very good friend @XENITH, and hopefully everyone will be able to see more details and updates to the graphic as more construction happens on the project! 

Hopefully I can post more things like this to the site to contribute to discussion of all things Jersey Devil related! 

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12 hours ago, Gyrotron said:

Will the Diamond Elite skip-the-line passes work for Jersey Devil when it opens in 2020? Or do those not work on new attractions?

I would assume so, it worked this year after about a month or so when Wonder Woman opened. 

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37 minutes ago, Six Flags FUN! said:

Is IAPPA 2019 is gonna show reveal Jersey Devil Coaster's train this year?

It's not on the media schedule,  RMC is going to reveal the Iron Gwazi trains with Busch Gardens Tampa.  We will probably find out more details about Jersey Devil Coaster from the interviews at the RMC booth.



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15 hours ago, Medusa42 said:

It's not on the media schedule,  RMC is going to reveal the Iron Gwazi trains with Busch Gardens Tampa.  We will probably find out more details about Jersey Devil Coaster from the interviews at the RMC booth.


Any idea on whether the restraints will resemble the prototype Raptors? I recall seeing those dastardly collars in the animation, from what I heard they were necessary due to the Raptor's forces, but also left some friction burns and bruises on riders. I really was hoping for a modified train that prioritized comfort while of course still being 100% safe.

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1 hour ago, Coasterbill said:

I found the restraints on Golden Lasso coaster perfectly comfortable. I don't see how anyone could have an issue with them. PS: The ride is mind-blowingly good.


Did you miss the part where I said riders were getting friction burns and bruises? I'm pretty sure it depends on your body type. I was told that the straps can squeeze into your shoulder blades, especially with the way the ride whips and changes direction. 

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Fellow forum members!


As you may have seen previously from @EasternThrills, I am creating site maps for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER and they will be continuously improved and updated as construction progresses. Likewise, I will be sharing each updated map with you all on the forums. Feel free to check out my Instagram @xenith.wav and EasternThrills Instagram @insidegadv for more information on the project.


Today, I'd like to share with you MAP_110419 and MAP_110819. As you can infer, these maps were updated as of 11/04/19 and 11/08/19 respectively. I was able to visit the park around both of these days, allowing me to gauge a fair understanding of the site and any recent changes. I have a zoom camera that I use to scope any new signs of construction and anything else on the site that should be reported on (a Canon PowerShot SX720HS for those curious). @EasternThrills and I will be consistently visiting the park up until its closing date in January to create the most accurate and detailed site maps as possible before the off-season begins and information about the ever-changing site grows sparse.


We need all the participants we can get in creating these site maps! If you are visiting the park at any point throughout the remainder of the season, or if you will be at the park during the off season (by any chance?), we'd love your help in contributing to documenting the changes at the site of JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. Contact me (using the contact information I posted below) if you would like to send pictures, videos, or provide information to @EasternThrills and I about any events, changes, or active construction at the site.


A key/legend is provided on the left side of the graphic for your further understanding of the map. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact either @XENITH or @EasternThrills for more information. Feel free to repost and share this map with proper credit given [see Contact/Credit information below]). You may also contact me if you would like the full, high quality versions of these maps.


Thank you, and enjoy! 


Contact/Repost Credit:

@XENITH on the GADV History Forums,

@xenith.wav OR @xenith.plus on Instagram

@xenithwav on Twitter



You can contact @EasternThrills at:

@EasternThrills on the GADV History Forums

@insidegadv OR @easternthrills on Instagram




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27 minutes ago, Six Flags FUN! said:

Is Taz Tornado is gonna be removed after end of the 2019 season, will the ride will be part of Bugs Bunny Boomtown possibility in two years?

I am not entirely sure...however, I believe that the ride will remain open for the remainder of the 2019 season and then it will be removed and put into storage once the season ends. On the map especially, you can see that the path around the ride is completely marked up with pink and red markings. 


While red markings would normally signify a location for electrical work, several other red markings that have been posted around the active site in previous times have surrounded trees, to which those trees have been removed. Likewise, on the most recent map, you can notice several red flags among the group of trees near stake 20001 B CRS and the unidentified marker. Doubled with the fact that these trees are surrounded by a temporary construction barrier, it is highly likely that these trees will be removed, especially since large-scale tree removal is a common occurrence on site, especially within the past few days. 


Before the closure of the majority of Looney Tunes Seaport in early September, I was able to scope out the area for the last time, attempting to find any survey markings that I could. Most of those pink dots that I found on the pavement have since been removed along with the pavement they were imprinted on, with the exception being Taz Tornado's area.


Based on these two trends on the site, I think it is safe to assume that Taz Tornado will be dismantled and stored come the end of the operating season and the surrounding pavement/area around the ride will be removed as well. Most, if not all, of the previous rides in Seaport are currently being stored in the lots adjacent to Nitro's lift and drop and some parts are even being stored under Batman: The Ride's transfer building (Road Runner Railway's trains, for example). Along with these dismantled rides and Taz Tornado, I think most/all of them will return for a revitalized kids area for next year. However, we are here to talk about 2020...so to answer the first part of your question pertaining to JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction would be yes, Taz Tornado will most likely be removed after the end of the 2019 operating season. 

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