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Six Flags Additions for 2021 (Not Great Adventure)

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On 4/11/2020 at 3:43 PM, GAcoaster said:

Well, it looks like Magic Mountain could be getting a slightly larger version of Jersey Devil:

The video was taken down.

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icon_STOPSix Flags - (8/7/20) While the 2020 season has been mostly a big bust as far as theme parks go, rumor is that Six Flags is still pushing forward towards another chain-wide announcement day for the company’s 2021 additions. If the rumors are true, this will take place in late August as usually, and is tentatively set for Thursday, August 27th.
    I can hear the grumbles now however, as the general line of thought is that Six Flags will end up just announcing all the 2020 rides that failed to open as “New for 2021” attractions. I thought the same thing, but there are some interesting new rumors starting to surface here and there. According to these early rumors Six Flags may actually be planning on plussing these announcements with some all new surprises.
    What gets added, if anything, will depend on the individual park and what took place in 2020, as well as what new attraction was already in development and intended for each specific park in 2021 anyway. Keep in mind that everything can change at the drop of a hat, but so far Screamscape has heard rumors ranging from small Zamperla style family flat rides to a turbo-charged version of the S&S Screamin Swing, along with up to three possible new roller coasters. Given the typical development time needed for coasters, these were likely in the works for 2021 before the Pandemic struck. While they could be delayed as well, one is said to be from RMC (likely the rumored extended Jersey Devil layout planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain), another one said to be from S&S that was rumored to be a follow-up to last summer’s Maxx Force at Six Flags Great America, and another mystery coaster project from Premier Rides.
    Stay tuned, all could be made clear in just three weeks.


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I Think Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags St. Louis, and Six Flags America will get new coasters


Also i am just doing the parks



Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Zamperla Super Air Race and the Delayed Sidewinder Safari

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Jersey Devil Clone

Six Flags Mexico: Zamperla Endeavour

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Kids Section Re theme to DC Super Friends

Six Flags Over Texas: Zamperla Mega Disk'o and the Delayed Aquaman Power Wave

Six Flags St. Louis: Premier Rides Launch Coaster and the Delayed Cat Women's Whip

Six Flags Great America: Sky Screamer and the Delayed Tsunami Surge

Six Flags Over Georgia: Zamperla Super Air Race

Six Flags America: S & S Air Launch Coaster and the Delayed Harley Quinn Spin Sanity

Six Flags Darien Lake: and the Delayed Wahoo Wave

Six Flags New England: and the Delayed Super Girl Sky Flyer

Frontier City: Funtime Vomatron

Great Escape: Water Park Year and the Delayed Funtime Vomatron

La Ronde: Zamperla Endeavour and the Delayed Viper


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I haven't been able to find the press release Screamscape is referencing.



icon_STOPPremier Rides - (8/15/20) Premier Rides has announced that their Premier Service division has been awarded their largest service contract to date. According to the press release, the new contract will see the company “producing a new fleet of trains in addition to providing other technology upgrades for a non-Premier Rides existing attraction.” The exact location of this project will be announced by the client when they are ready to do so.
    The new trains will incorporate “advanced technology elements used on the Sky Rocket series of attractions”. Jim Seay, President of Premier Rides commented that, ““We are honored to be able to provide a fantastic technical upgrade to a truly iconic roller coaster.  Fans will be excited when the location of the effort is announced. The Sky Rocket attractions continue to be recognized for their advanced technology and superior rider comfort, and the Premier team is certain that the addition of these newest generation of trains will take this coaster’s ride experience to the next level.” The plan is to have the new trains ready in time for the 2021 season.
    Now… while Premier isn’t saying anything about which coaster this is going to be for, the first one to come to my mind is Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia. The park has already announced that the classic Schwarzkopf coaster would be closed for the entire 2020 season, they’ve been working on track update and were even spotted with a borrowed train from the Revolution at SIx Flags Magic Mountain on site earlier this year, which to me says that they were in the market for new trains anyway. When the ride is to reopen in 2021, the park has already announced that it will be officially renamed as The Riddler Mindbender and themed after the comic book Villain. I could be wrong, but for now I’m putting my money on the Mindbender.


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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Delayed Sidewinder Safari and animal facilities improvements (delay original 2021 addition)

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Jersey Devil "Clone" (a little longer because it has a pre-lift and longer break run, could also be taller)

Six Flags Mexico: Zamperla Endeavour (I honestly don't care enough to see what this park needs)

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Kids Section Re theme to DC Super Friends or Screampunk District continuation (similar to the multi-year plan that Movie Town at GA had)

Six Flags Over Texas: Delayed Aquaman Power Wave and New Restaurant (I feel they were going to get the year off anyway, but maybe Magic Mountain was a fluke)

Six Flags St. Louis: Catwoman's Whip and RMC Boss (Catwoman's right over there so they could do a complete refresh of that area all at once, but I am most likely wrong)

Six Flags Great America: Delayed Tsunami Surge and something smaller for the main park (maybe they were supposed to get 2 rides for 2021, but will only install the less interesting one like how SFNE got Cyborg, then Supergirl)

Six Flags Over Georgia: Riddler Mindbender and new restaurant (I could see a new flat or retheme of an existing attraction)

Six Flags America: Delayed Harley Quinn Spinsanity and removal of Batwing. 

Six Flags Darien Lake: Delayed Wahoo Wave and S&S Free Spin (I feel that would work well across from the Boomarang by the lakeside)

Six Flags New England: Delayed Super Girl Sky Flyer and new QSR in water park. Removal of Goliath, possibly Flashback too.

Frontier City: Funtime Vomatron (Frontier Outlaw), Diamondback replacement

Great Escape: Delayed Funtime Vomatron and Kids Area addition

La Ronde: Zamperla Endeavour and the Delayed Viper

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On 8/29/2019 at 11:41 AM, Medusa42 said:

This is the place to discuss 2021 news, rumors, and predictions for all Six Flags parks that are not Six Flags Great Adventure. Here is the topic for Great Adventure 2021 and Beyond Speculation Discussion



1) To avoid redundant posting across topics, do not post about Great Adventure.  Here is the topic for Great Adventure 2021 and Beyond Speculation Discussion

2) Feel free to post 2021 park predictions, but please do not post five year or multi-year park plan predictions.



Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Delayed Sidewinder Safari 

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Extended Jersey Devil Clone 

Six Flags Mexico: Park Improvement's   

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: S&S turbo charged screaming swing 

Six Flags Over Texas: Delayed Aqua Man Power Wave 

Six Flags St. Louis: Delayed Cat Woman Whip 

Six Flags Great America: Delayed Tsunami Surge 

Six Flags Over Georgia: New S&S Maxx Force Follow Up 

Six Flags America: Delayed Harlequin Spinsanity  

Six Flags Darien Lake: Delayed Wahoo Wave 

Six Flags New England: Delayed Super girl Sky Flyer

Frontier City: Sky Screamer 

Great Escape: Park Improvement's  

La Ronde: Delayed La Vipere 

Six Flags Great Adventure: Delayed Jersey Devil And Mystery Primer Ride's Roller Coaster AKA (East Coast Racer's)  


Water Parks:

Hurricane Harbor Concord: New Slide Complex 

Hurricane Harbor LA: Park Improvement's  

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix: Delayed Paradise Island and park improvement's 

Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec: Park Improvement's 

Hurricane Harbor Arlington: Delayed Banzai Pipelines 

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown: New Slide Complex 

Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City: Delayed Wahoo Racer 

Hurricane Harbor Rockford: Delayed Tidal Wave And New Slide Complex 

White Water Atlanta: Delayed Python Plunge 




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On 4/4/2020 at 12:58 PM, Pineracer said:

S&S and Vekoma are owned by the same company so it is unlikely we'll see many Vekomas Period.



Yeah, Except for:


19 in 2019

27 Opened/Planned to Open in 2020

and at least 5 for 2021


And it's not like S&S Hasn't been busy lately.

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