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Legoland New York Will Officially Open On July 4, 2020

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Legoland New York Will Officially Open On July 4, 2020 — See Inside Their Biggest Park Ever!

People Madison Roberts,People Thu, Oct 3 1:11 PM CDT 

LEGOLAND has big plans for their newest theme park and they’ve announced that the opening date will be one of the most festive days of the year: the Fourth of July.

Plans for the resort which will officially open in Goshen, New York, on July 4, 2020 were revealed last summer, giving fans a peek at the on-site hotel and the eight themed lands that will make up the 150-acre attraction. As LEGOLAND’s biggest-ever resort, the site will feature more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, which are all designed for kids ages 2-12.

Each of the lands is designed to transport visitors into a new worldall built from Lego bricks of course. Guests in the amusement park will begin in The Factory to kick off their LEGOLAND New York experience. This land will feature an arch as its landmark, along with a ride exclusive to the New York park called the Great Lego Adventure, where children travel through the steps of becoming a Lego Minifigure.


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In Bricktopia, guests can build and test their own Lego creationsand attempt to make a tower that won’t fall down on the Earthquake Table. This section will also feature the Stepping Stones Lego Instruments and the Imagination Celebration ride.


At Lego NINJAGO World, aspiring ninjas will go through the process of learning Spinjitzu, and guests will begin in training camp ahead of the NINJAGO ride where they will attempt to defeat the Great Devourer using only their hands.

Heartlake City is the land where LEGO characters Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia reside, and will feature an outdoor stage and a balloon ride to Pinefall Woods.


Lego City, on the other hand, will feature Minifigures, and children can become firefighters at the Rescue Academy or attend Lego driving school for an official LEGOLAND Driver’s License.


Knights’ Kingdom’s main landmark is the Lego Castle where children will receive the royal treatment as knights, princesses, wizards or dragons, and will feature a Dragon Rider School for young children who want to teach dragons to fly. It also features a family-friendly Dragon Coaster for kids who are seeking their first thrill experience.


At Pirate Shores, kids can get their water park fix on the Rogue Wave Riders or climb aboard a pirate ship riding through stormy seas.

Of course, no Legoland park would be complete without Miniland, which features cities built from Legos and interactive features for young builders. In New York’s Miniland, guests will see a Lego-built Statue of Liberty, Times Square and a moving subway.



While the amusement park is scheduled to only be open seasonally from spring to fall, the space will also feature a Legoland Hotel, which is expected to be open year-round, with each of the 250 rooms to be themed to a popular Lego toy.

The LEGOLAND Hotel is an experience in itself, LEGOLAND New York’s Public Relations Manager Matt Besterman says in a statement. Youll find a restaurant with a kid-sized buffet table, a Castle play area, and childrens entertainment every night. Its our way of extending the LEGOLAND experience creating treasured memories for families.




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I have heard the Ninjago dark ride is a lot of fun at the other Legoland parks that have it. The other dark ride looks interesting too. RCDB only shows the Dragon Coaster but looking at the map, there might also be a kiddie coaster near the Dragon Coaster. I was hoping there would be a 3rd or 4th coaster as well.

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