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Best year for coaster at GA

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Over the years Great Adventure has had many great rollar coasters. Which year do you think was the best for coasters and what year was the best all around? I think it's either the late eights because of the ultra twister and GASM or the early ninetys because of viper, Shockwave and Batman. Aslo, is it okay to ask questions like these?

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Probably the entirety of Scream Machine's existence (Green Lantern was relocated to GA, Joker is a cheap clone, and I don't feel Jersey Devil will be a huge change for the park-New coasters will probably replace older ones for the time being).


-Dark Knight did step out of Six Flags comfort zone with a very detailed indoor coaster (not Disney or Universal level by any means, but it was more of a transition coaster from Six Flags height to the park in the 2010's)

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For coasters 2006. Kingda Ka and El Toro were added in back to back years and removed coasters like The Chiller, Rolling Thunder and Scream Machine were still operating.


All around, maybe 1999 with all those new rides added that year (although not knowing many would be removed faster than expected).

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