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La Feria de Chapultepec: Mexico City Government Launches Tender to Renew & Operate Park


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Translated article:


CdMx launches tender to renew Chapultepec Fair; winner will be known in April



Mexico City /12.11.2019 12:24:33

The government of Mexico City  launched the tender to renew and operate La Feria de Chapultepec ,  after the September accident in the game Chimera , and indicated that the winner will be announced in April 2020.


In a press conference, the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum , explained that the tender is carried out under an open scheme and the park is intended to be accessible and comply with all safety regulations.

“The international invitation, to operate the Chapultepec fair, is under an open scheme, where whoever submits proposals can not only present for mechanical games, but for an amusement park, which is popular and accessible, and at the same time with the better safety standards, ”he said.
The Secretary of the Environment, Marina Robles , explained that the tender has the objective that Mexico City has an amusement park with different types of attractions.
"One of the important things that can have all the security users need and have affordable costs," he said.
What are the guidelines?
  • It can be an amusement park, with mechanical games or not.
  • It can be a theme park or commemorating a historical event.
  • The attractions can have historical characters as their focus, which focus on some natural resource, virtual or multimedia reality.
  • You should contemplate family areas, attractions for all ages and food areas.
  • Also include existing games.
  • Comply with all international and national safety standards
  • Keep prices accessible.
  • Project registration:  November 18 to December 16.
  • Visit to space: January 6 and 7, 2020.
  • Receipt of questions January 13-14 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Meeting to answer questions: January 17 at 10:00 a.m. at Quinta Colorada.
  • Submission of proposals: January 18 to March 18 at the Office of the Parties.
  • Project announcement selected: April 20, 2020.
He stressed that the Bid Review Group is made up of the Secretariats of Environment, Risk Management and Civil Protection, Legal Counsel and Legal Service, as well as the Citizen Governing Council of the Chapultepec Forest.


ASTM International and Mexico City Sign Memorandum of Cooperation on Amusement Rides Standards


TEA/AECOM 2018 Attendance estimate:




Distance from Six Flags Mexico and Satellite View of the Park:




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I can't wait to see the final proposals.







Six Flags competes against five companies to operate the Chapultepec Fair
The Ministry of Environment said that so far they do not have a final proposal from each of the companies


Hilda Escalona | The sun of Mexico


Six national and international companies, including Six Flags , signed up for the call to operate the new Chapultepec Fair, which concluded on December 16, 2019, Environment Secretary Marina Robles reported.


"To operate the Chapultepec Fair, six companies were registered, yesterday we had a first meeting with them to give them information about the conditions of the property and we are working together with them a work schedule for the presentation of the projects," said Marina Robles.


He also commented that so far they do not have a final proposal from each of the companies that are: Cabi Entertainment SAPI DE CV , Sofmar Fun SA DE CV , Negrete Garza SC ., Six Flags Mexico SA DE CV , Quantum Servicio SA DE CV and Mota-Engil Mexico SAPI DE CV .


"What they are doing is analyzing both attraction issues and the results of the survey we did and the financial analysis to be able to present their project," he explained.


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Mota-Engil México / Thor Urban Capital was announced as the winning bidder to redevelop and operate the park.  Six Flags did not place a final bid. 




It is worth mentioning that in the process that began on November 18, 2019

Six companies were registered: CABI Entertainment, SAPI De CV; Sofmar Fun, SA De CV; Negrete Garza, SC; Six Flags México, SA De CV; Quantum Servicio, SA De CV and Mota-Engil México, SAPI De CV
Of the six registered companies, only the companies Sofmar Fun, SA De CV and Mota-Engil México, SAPI De CV presented definitive proposals, and consequently, covered with the following qualification stages, after analyzing the proposals submitted by the Review Group, unanimously decided to support the offer called Aztlan submitted by Mota-Engil México / Thor Urban Capital.
In this regard, the Review Group stated that due to the quality of the documentation, conceptual proposal and thematic content presented, this company has the technical, financial strength and operational capacity that the project requires. 


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