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2019 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 11- New Water Ride

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8 hours ago, GAcoaster said:

The park could really use a new water ride! On those hot summer days two is just not enough.

Agreed, even on low crowd days it seems like the current water rides and especially Saw Mill Log Flume still have somewhat of a long wait. I'm still hoping a water coaster is eventually added to give the park both another water ride and a coaster to add to the park's coaster count.

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16 hours ago, Louisatsweetlou said:

I like the other wish that says to refurbish Congo Rapids- I think that needs to come first before we introduce another water ride to GA. It would be cool to see what Over Texas is getting with Aquaman but right now I don't see Six Flags buying another one of those.



Given most of Six Flags' recent additions. I wouldn't be surprised to see more in the future.


They're much better than S&S Free Spins

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Even with an attached water park, I still like when a park had water rides on the ride side as well. If there is just the water park, with so many open only from Memorial Day - Labor Day,  there are no water rides available in April, almost all of May, September (except maybe a few days), and October if it's warm enough outside.





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I know this will be a controversial idea for some people.  Relocate the second oldest coaster in the park (Batman The Ride) to a smaller park that needs it and replace it with a Mack Power Splash.  It the future, the Batman name could be reused on another coaster concept that is built in the park, such as the S&S Axis coaster or a Family Inverted Coaster.  This also fixes the annoying issue of having two yellow coasters next to each other.


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