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Morey's Piers Upgrading Sea Serpent Roller Coaster

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Now, more than 35 years later, there are new plans underway for the Sea Serpent. Some of these changes are down to routine maintenance; others will ensure a smoother, quieter, more pleasant ride.

First up: A replacement lift hill #2. In case you’re not up on your coaster vocab, a lift hill is an upward-sloping section of track on which trains are mechanically lifted by chain to a high peak. Once in position, the chain drops out, and riders plummet swiftly and safely back toward earth.


Our existing lift hill #2, which reaches approximately 110 feet, was disassembled on October 28. A large crane (capable of hoisting 150 elephants at once) took it apart in four pieces weighing between 11,000 and 14,000 pounds each. In the spring, we’ll rent this same machine in order to assemble the replacement section of track, set to ship to us from the Netherlands by the end of this month.



Finally, we’ll be upgrading the ride’s harnesses, which were previously large, heavy and a little bit irksome for anyone wearing earrings. Next season, they’ll be softer and more seatbelt-esque. A new PLC, or program logic controller, will also make for a more automated security check, so the process of ensuring riders are securely fastened will be conducted by both humans AND a cutting-edge computer system.


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The new trains are smoother. However, it does get long slow lines due to running at half capacity and cleaning after every cycle. 

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