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Hersheypark Christmas Candylane, 12/23/19

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I went to Hersheypark on Monday for Christmas Candylane for my final park visit of the season.


Because of Chocolate Town Construction, there is a new temporary entrance to the park setup in between Fahrenheit and The Claw. You can take the tram from near Chocolate World to the new entrance or walk. There are only a few security lines and there is not a no bags line like there usually is probably because there wasn't enough room.


Candymonium looks amazing and I can't wait to try the coaster next season. I'm also hoping they will have it running for Christmas Candylane next season although I am not expecting that.


There weren't as many closed rides as my last trip in October but not even counting the 7 coasters closed for the season, there will still more rides closed than expected. Wave Swinger, Whip, Pirate, Sky Ride, Sidewinder, Ferris Wheel, 2 out of 3 Triple Towers and some kids rides were all closed. The park wasn't that crowded but with the ride closures and rides not running at full capacity, lines were longer than they should have been. Wildcat was only running 1 train with the 2nd train covered on the transfer tracks which led to at least a 45 minute wait by the mid afternoon. 


I like Laff Trakk's Christmas retheme with a giant tree with lights in the middle of the ride and some other holiday theming.


sooperdooperLooper is my favorite coaster at the park that is operating in December and I got 3 rides before the line got bad. The dispatches were fast.


Only the Hershey Triple Tower was running and it had a breakdown. It remained closed and the Kisses Tower was then opened instead. It's a slow launch but for the smallest of the 3 towers, still has some good airtime at the top.


For anyone with a 2019 pass and renewed to either a Regular Size or King Size 2020 pass, Sweet Lights admission is free. It's a drive through lights attraction near the park is was really great. It takes about 30 minutes to drive through and there are multiple themed sections. The first is Hersheypark and Christmas theming. Then it's the 12 Days of Christmas, Enchanted Forest, Victorian Village and some other winter theming. The normal price is $20 for a weekday and $27 for a weekend for a car. It can also get very crowded, it was only about a 10 minute wait to get to the entrance and I hear on the weekend it can take 90 minutes in line.


Ride Count:

Reese's Cupfusion, 1x

sooperdooperLooper, 3x

Wild Mouse, 2x

Laff Trakk, 2x

Kisses Triple Tower, 1x

Music Express, 1x

Wildcat, 2x





Temporary Entrance






Fahrenheit is being repainted.



Merry Dip Fun Slides are gone. They were rarely open.





Storm Runner display at Sweet Lights.





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Jeez, Hershey's operations are really declining. Hopefully it is just a temporary consequence from all the construction. 

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