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Indiana Beach Sold to Gene Staples & Will Reopen

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Indiana Beach fan's prayers are answered.


First in a two part series- News & Review exclusive


Gene Staples, president of Indiana Beach Holdings, LLC, announced today that he is the new owner of the ninety-four year old iconic amusement park called Indiana Beach.

“Once again it will become a family run midwestern amusement park,” Staples stated about Indiana Beach. Depending on the current pandemic status, Staples plans to open the park hopefully in July.


Staples, who lives in the Chicago area, is a US Navy veteran who loves to pay attention to the details. He plans to do just that when it comes to managing Indiana Beach.


“It's still a vintage amusement park and we're going to take care of what we can take care of over those next few months. Like I said, tracking the Hoosier Hurricane. We're going to do lots of painting. We're going to do lots of small improvements that some people may know, some people may not know, but it's important improvements that we talked about may not provide a return on investments, but to me, the one thing that's lacking is a lot of attention to detail and we're slowly going to be doing that attention to detail,” Staples explained.


The announcement of a new owner will be a refreshing sigh of relief not only for Indiana Beach fans but also for the citizens of White County. Indiana Beach is White County’s largest employer in the summer but also attracts thousands of tourists to the area. These tourists are the lifeblood for many restaurants, hotels and resorts in the area.


Before any public announcement, the NEWS & REVIEW had the exclusive opportunity to visit inside Indiana Beach and interview Mr. Gene Staples as the new owner of Indiana Beach. We were able to ask Mr. Staples several questions that have been on the minds of Indiana Beach fans since Apex Parks Group announced the closing of Indiana Beach on February 18th.

Full interview here:



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