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I had two full body MRI's a few months ago, one of which lasting an hour and a half. If was SO bad. I can't even believe those things. One move, and they have to start ALL OVER again. Ugh.


Oh, back on topic, Flyin Phil says he plans on doing frequent fly-overs this off season!

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Thanks for helping the site.  

I heard the weather will improve if you decide to take photos of the construction site and post them here. 

Literally, every thing you say is TRex or Raptor. I hope we never get them just because i am so SICK of hearing you talk about it, on every stinkin thread.    Rant over.

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I still haven't gotten a reply from Angel about the '09 season. :angry:
I actually don't recommend that members take it upon themselves to contact park PR; Angel and the staff do a very good job of keeping us posted with all that they are allowed to share, and we disseminate the info accordingly. We'll keep you in the loop! :)
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I almost forgot, it appears that the center shaft of Jumpin' Jack Flash which had been sitting in the boneyard on a flatbed truck was finally hauled away. When I passed it on the way into the park there were workers and a tow truck, and when I left it was gone, so it either was towed away or was moved to another part of the boneyard. The ride tubs were still all sitting there where they have been for years now.


Maybe with Phil's next flyover we can get a better idea of what all has been removed. We know the Time Warp cars went away, and I wonder if the rest of the ride parts went as well?

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