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Intamin Rides: New Ride Concepts

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Intamin released four new ride concepts today. I wonder if these concepts would be cheaper to build than similar rides by RMC, Premier Rides, and Mack.


Intamin Hot Racer: West Coast Racers meets RMC Raptor


Intamin Vertical LSM Coaster: Premier SkyRocket II Alternative


Intamin Ultra Splash: Mack Power Splash Alternative



Intamin Giga Splash: Shoot the Chutes Alternative



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10 minutes ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

Going up with the car on a downward angle would be really scary.


Untitled-1 copy.jpg

i wonder it be a better concept than the defunct pillgrim plunge

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I don't think the upside down launch coaster is not as blatant as it seems, it could do well.


I think the Hot Racer will get popular in Europe.

The Giga Splash could be very successful or very temperamental (Intimin's do suffer from downtime a lot).


I don't think anyone will buy the single rail power splash.

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I'd be excited to see any or all of these concepts in action.  It's amazing how even the smallest tweaks to existing ride infrastructures can make things feel really different and innovative!


The stadium style seating on that Giga Splash is a nice touch.  I wonder what effect that would have on how wet riders get, particularly with respect to standing water inside the ride vehicle?

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