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I feel like we were on the path to a new kids area by JDC, but the COVID-initiated cash crunch stopped that. Whatever 2022 it, it's going to be cheap. Probably a themed flat ride we get through ride rotation, or something.

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I have a lot on my wishlist for Great Adventure. Hopefully they get around to repainting Nitro. As far as new additions, here are some that I think are realistic and would fit the park:

  • Intamin LSM Vertical Coaster
  • Premier Rides Multilaunch Coaster
  • S&S Screamin' Swing
  • S&S Axis Coaster
  • Mack/Intamin Powersplash/Gigasplash
  • Zamperla Super Air Race (Dare Devil Dive at SFFT)

These additions are based on which companies the park/chain have worked with in the past. My dream addition would be a 300 ft.+ B&M dive coaster, that would finally give the park a giga as well as another B&M. Theme it to Medusa and it'd be even more awesome. 😆

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Aquaman themed Zamperla Big WaveZ on the Boardwalk for 2022.




Big WaveZ will be the first of its kind. Termed an interactive water ride, Big WaveZ will make its worldwide debut at Luna Park. Passengers board a tower ride, rise to the top where they interact with a video screen and then plunge to create a big splash. A Zamperla company product, the ride has been in development and testing for a year.

“Think of it as a vertical shoot-the-chute,” said Michael Coleman, North American sales, Zamperla. “Riders get wet, but spectators do, too, in a splash zone.”


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Yeah, put that where Twister is, that area has a lot of stand/sitting (maybe not as much right now, but still) area so it will easily have the space for people to see it)


Since they already have a lot of kiddie rides in storage, I say kids area in 2022 because that's a cheap addition.


I can see Zamperla Super Air Race where Spin Meister was themed to Scarecrow, an Endevour to replace El Diablo.


I also feel removing the go-karts and the simulator building would be a good idea, even it just expands the entrance plaza (I slightly feel Ka/Zu would be removed before Superman and Green Lantern, but they will probably all hit their service life/too annoying to throw money at around the same time)

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Woah there, why this mention of Ka and Zu removal. 😢 

I know you didn't mean in the imminent future, but I see the park working hard to keep both open for as long as possible. It's the crowned jewel of the park in terms of branding, even though El Toro is the enthusiast magnet.


The Zamperla Big WaveZ is an interesting concept; it's basically a mini drop tower into a splash zone? That would be a neat successor to Twister (especially since they seem to share the same footprint), I just hope it would be as thrilling of a ride experience.

The splash zone would be interactive, and would be a perfect fit for the Boardwalk. I also still have my hopes up for an eventual Mack Powersplash somewhere in the Movietown/Metropolis region. 

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