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Bratwurst Stand AKA Great American Hot Dogs Spotlight

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When I worked on the Parachute ride in 1985 we always use to go and fill up our Igloo drink cooler with ice and cold water at the Bratwurst Stand.  Food Service workers didn't man the stand until about 11AM so we filled it ourselves and being the stand was open-air the first few seasons we always had access to inside the stand.  One day, to our surprise, the food team from the night before forget to remove the beer tap handles and shut off the kegs.  We were half-tempted to fill the cooler with beer and have an exciting day at the parachutes.  We didn't do it though, and opted for boring ice water instead.

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On 10/26/2020 at 12:21 PM, Mr.Six said:

It’s fascinating to see it’s survived all these years, considering all the expansions that have gone on in the area.


That is true!  And not just the routine replacement of coasters there.  Don't forget, the stand was "sandwiched" in between two flat rides at one point both of which have been removed.  (Centrifuge G-Force (Scrambler) and Space Shuttle (Looping Starship)).


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