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Six Flags eliminating 15 underperforming rides this year

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10 hours ago, Medusa42 said:

SFOG:  Sky Buckets are being removed.


Frontier City announced Tumbleweed (Chance Rides Rotor) and Thunder Road Raceway (Go-Karts) are being removed.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrillseekersunited1/permalink/889962368448107/




That is not good news for the Skyway at GADV. 

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El Toro isn’t going anywhere. It’s the park’s most critically acclaimed ride and it always has a line.

I think the high maintenance leaders are: KIngda Ka Log Flume   Underutilized: Jolly Roger Tango Bizarro (I can see this rotating to another park)   Aged:

My guess would be Twister. I hope nothing is from Great Adventure but if it does happen, that the removal is not a rare ride like the parachutes or Skyway.

On 3/8/2021 at 12:31 AM, The Master said:


That is not good news for the Skyway at GADV. 

From a very hopeful perspective, maybe we’ll get some parts and vehicles. 

This is one ride I truly don’t want to see us lose. 

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On 3/12/2021 at 4:43 PM, Medusa42 said:

The 2021 Six Flags America park map is out and ZoomAzon Falls isn't on it.





That is a shame they are closing those down. The landscaping is nice. 

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Zoomazon Falls closing took me by surprise. I liked the setting and it seemed to get decent ridership during Hurricane Harbor season; frick it first opened up in 1982! I'm assuming maintenance issues led to it's closure.

I would have expected the ride from Six Flags America that was going to be removed would have been either Shipwreck Falls (it seems these Shoot the Chutes are gradually being removed); Batwing (well maintenance on that is a pain) or Penguin's Blizzard River (maintenance and it's just dull to me. Plus the water there stinks!).

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Six Flags St. Louis is getting rid of 2 rides:


Moon Antique Cars

Superman Tower Of Power (Intamin 2nd Generation Drop Tower from SFAW)


SFGAm- None being removed

SFFT- None being removed


Here's The List (Only doing confirmed, Not rumored)

01. Thunder Road Raceway at Frontier City

02. Tumbleweed at Frontier City

03. Sky Buckets at Six Flags Over Georgia

04. ZoomAzon Falls at Six Flags America

05. Moon Antique Cars at Six Flags St. Louis

06. Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags St. Louis










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I had also read something that La Ronde will not be building Vipere (formerly Green Lanter: First Flight) in 2021.

When I was at SFA on March 7, I saw so notice that ZF was being the ride/attraction removed. It'll be surreal to see it being deconstructed.

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I would say the ride with the biggest risk of being removed at GADV is sadly the Skyride as a similar model was closed at SFOG. It may be possible that an attraction over in HH could also be on the chopping block. 

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5 hours ago, GAcoaster said:

I'm more worried about the Big Wheel. Six Flags has removed several ferris wheels over the years, even when their manufacturer is still in business and making parts...


What was the last Ferris Wheel Six Flags Removed? New England's in 2005?

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Screamscape has recent flyover footage from SFDK. Harley Quinn's Crazy Train still stands. Maybe its SBNO this year? I have no idea why Six Flags bothered with this addition. Superman right next door is a better ride, with a similar experience.


(Been a long time since I've logged in here. Don't know why, because I kept following GAH without pause).

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Sfdk's Harley Quinn Crazy Train was a flop, I heard something with weight and balance plays a big part in the rides operation apparently, as well as other maintenance  issues I imagine.

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