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Herschend Family Entertainment Considers Future Acquisitions

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Herschend must have big plans if they are creating a new group to handle acquisitions.




Dollywood executives are transitioning to new roles as the company considers future acquisitions.


After 10 years of leading The Dollywood Company, president Craig Ross will return to Herschend Family Entertainment, Dollywood's operating partner, in a new role and new group.

Industry veteran Eugene Naughton, currently vice president of Dollywood parks operations, will take over as president.


As chief operating officer of the new Herschend Growth and Opportunity Group, Ross will support the acquisition of new theme parks, attractions, aquariums and investment partners.


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What would be some parks worth acquiring? I can see Great Escape switch hands.


Maybe Magic Springs, which is about on par with Wild Adventures being an amusement park (just no animals). I'm sure there are more tourist traps out there, but this would give the company virtually a monopoly with parks in three tourist trap cities.


I was also thinking of a park in the Pacific Northwest, not sure which one though. Personally, I see Silverwood a good fit as a lower tier Cedar Fair Park (between Worlds of Fun and Kings Dominion) as they could experiment with more Northwestern US themes, but not go full tilt like the Ohio Parks, Carowinds, Wonderland, or Knott's.

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I think with the state of the economy right now anything is possible. We could even see them merge with another company (like SeaWorld). I'd guess a few of the Paques Reunidos locations could be candidates for sales since they've been having financial issues https://www.parquesreunidos.com/en/global-operator/

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I would like to see them take a crack at the Wisconsin Dells.  They could buy up some of the misc. attractions and entertainment in addition to Mt. Olympus or Noah's Ark.


With aquariums being mentioned, I was thinking they might acquire Palace Entertainment from Parques Reunidos.


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It would be interesting to see what they could do with Kentucky Kingdom.  Maybe Herschend could tie the park into The Keys to the Kingdom tv/film rights they own.


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