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Shows, concerts and such

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If I was in charge, I'd add some shows to the place. You know, stunt shows in the Batman arena, magic/dance shows in the Showcase Theater. And perhaps concerts or other events (Monster Truck show) in the Northern Star arena.


Yeah I'm whistling Dixie here, but frick; got to have some use rather then vacant  buildings 🤣

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Of course this year is different, but I have been saying this for years, for the size Great Adventure is, it is kinda sad there hasn't been a indoor summer show for so many years, I had hope when Brad Ross was in the Showcase for a month or two, but then it went back to only shows during Halloween and Christmas. 

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This maybe a little farfetched,but maybe Great Adv. could have thier own music festivals in the Northern Star Arena.By this I mean they could have reunions of older groups and film the concert;then these performances would be edited down and shown on cable (like TBS/TNT) during the off-season.Some acts that could be done together would be AC/DC and The Scorpions or Earth,Wind,&Fire with Chaka Khan.

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