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New GCI Wood Coaster Coming To Six Flags Magic Mountain

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At ACE's CoasterCon at Six Flags Over Georgia, Mark Shapiro spoke and has allegedly let it be know that Six Flags Magic Mountain will be getting a new GCI woodie which will be themed as Terminator Salvation, based on the upcoming movie.


If I had to guess, it will be another clone of the Evel Knievel coaster just added to Six Flags St. Louis, which was a clone of Thunderbird in Finland. I'm kind of surprised they're building a woodie with all the building codes for them in California. If I remember correctly I think that it was what spoiled Psyclone was the extra structure needed for earthquake proofing it.


It will be interesting to see just how much themeing this gets... :construction:

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The movie is supposed to be a big blockbuster, and it will be a trilogy. It is based on the actual war between Human's and Machine's that begins at the end of T:3. In my opinion a steel coaster would be more suitable than a wood one for a Terminator theme.

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I have to agree above with Railer that th thought of a Terminator coaster in my mind would have to be steel just because the whole plot of those movies are based on mechanized machines battling humans in the present and future. I would have though something along the lines of the advancements in X2 would have been more appropriate for a Terminator styled coaster, but I am sure nontheless it will turn out looking great.

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From the LATimes:


Work begins on Terminator wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Terminator SalvationDemolition crews have begun to clear space for the new Six Flags Magic Mountain wooden roller coaster scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend 2009.


The Great Coasters International woodie will be built next to the Déjà Vu looping steel coaster and in the same location as Psyclone, a reviled wooden coaster mercifully removed from the Valencia amusement park in 2006.


Despite the outcry in Internet forums at the obvious incongruity, the new wooden coaster will almost certainly carry the futuristic name Terminator: The Ride, a tie-in with the upcoming movie.


Scheduled to premiere in May 2009, “Terminator: Salvation” stars Christian Bale in the fourth installment of the sci-fi franchise, directed this time by McG.

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