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A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries.  All operations are on hold until the state investigates.    

I was shocked to get this for Christmas.  It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars).  With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ev

Hi everyone [:   It's been a while since I've been on, but I wanted to share some great news. I got my first job since graduating college 😁  

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That good that Dorney had Laser running on their last day of the season, shame they are not open today (Sunday). The bigger shame is that Laser was not running the 3 Sundays I was at Dorney's The Haunt.


Agreed on all of those, I also went to Haunt on 3 different Sunday's and it was closed on everyone one of those as well.


I guess they figured it a regular Sunday in the fall is empty, a Sunday after Halloween would have literally no one there.

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I rode Laser yesterday 7 times. And I was on the last train out.


...I was also on the last train out...and the last person to leave the ride (of course, after hugging my seat and every support I could :P )


What a coincidence! I was also on the last train out! (And I made out with a support)


Speaking of 7 times....yesterday we rode scream machine 7 times in a row and on the 7th ride WE WERE STUCK AT THE BASE OF THE LIFT FOR 10 MINUTES AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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Someone help...


I have Vista, and my Windows Movie Maker is acting up.


When I have a music video in development, every time I pause it to add and edit in another clip, the song isn't where I left off, instead about 5 seconds back.


It's becoming a nuisance because I have to watch my video over from the beginning just to add in one more clip and synchronize it with the music.


Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Something weird happened when I was playing Mario Super Sluggers on Tuesday. This really happened, I swear I'm not making this up


Bottom of the 9th inning


Game is tied by 5


Two outs


Baby Daisy comes up to bat, in a last effort to win. She hits the ball, Toadette is about to make the catch and send the game into extra innings. Then the ball heads in the head and bounces of her mushroom head. Then the ball goes over the wall, to make it a walk off home run. After this episode, Baby Daisy is named the games MVP.


This incident was just as cool as the Bill Buckner incident.


Luis L.

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Ummm...OK. I have no idea what most of that meant... :lol:


The batter hit a low fly by that looked like it was supposed to be an out, but a player on the opposing team made a big mistake that caused the home run.


Luis L.

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