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So you had to plan which park you would be at and book what ride you would be riding at a given time? I got those new bands but I didn't use them, it was weird not seeing turnstiles at the entrance, just those gold globes for scanners.


Yes, you could book up to three Fastpasses per day (all in one park). You get to pick the time, based on availability, so you have quite a bit of control over things. It was really convenient booking them for attractions where the FP's are typically distributed early in the day for the entire day (like Toy Story Mania and Soarin'). We simply scheduled things around what ever other reservations we had planned (meals, Halloween party, etc).


The band allowed you to visit pretty handsfree as it is your admission ticket, FPs, resort room key, charge card, etc. They have you set up a pin and you need to enter it for any purchases.

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Hi everyone [:   It's been a while since I've been on, but I wanted to share some great news. I got my first job since graduating college 😁  

A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries.  All operations are on hold until the state investigates.    

I was shocked to get this for Christmas.  It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars).  With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ev

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I'm glad it will be back into the. low 60s by the end of the weekend and early next week.

I'm sure a lot of people are, but as weird as this sounds, I like the cold weather, but I can't control it so this will have to do.

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So how about all the snow? And to think this morning the weather called for no snow until this evening for just a few hours. There has got be at least a few inches at my house so far, maybe more.

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I've been a big LEGO fan since I was born and didn't plan on seeing the upcoming LEGO movie. However, after seeing the trailer I was blown away with the attention to details - in particular the crack in the spaceman's helmet (1:23). I had several of those pieces in the early 80's that cracked in the same exact spot. Glad to see that it wasn't me abusing my bricks but probably a little defect.


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