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Hi everyone [:   It's been a while since I've been on, but I wanted to share some great news. I got my first job since graduating college 😁  

A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries.  All operations are on hold until the state investigates.    

I was shocked to get this for Christmas.  It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars).  With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ev

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There is going to be a weird 40 degree drop in temps this Monday. Tuesday is going to be the coldest day since 1994! This week is going to be a tase of northern midwest winter, very nasty.


Summer heat I can take, but this ultra cold sucks on toast. The only good news is that the ultra cold will only last a couple of days instead of weeks or months like in the Midwest.

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I just hope my palm saplings make it through okay. A normal winter around here is nothing to them, but negative temps can kill them or damage them so badly it takes a whole growing season to recover instead of getting bigger. As soon as there are a few above freezing nights I will have to give the palms peroxide to kill any infections caused by the extreme cold. It helps prevent and cures spear pull.

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Good, since I can't take the weather being as cold as it is now. I'm more than happy to see the temps return to normal for this time of year.


RC98, who will go dream of summer days, when cold weather is never an issue...

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Since I'm trying to entertain myself while NoLimits 2 takes 5 hours to load on my computer, here goes:

1st row: Expedition Everest, Goofy's Barnstormer, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Mania, Primeval Whirl

2nd: Big Thunder and Space Mountains, Mad Tea Party, Winnie the Pooh, Dinosaur

3rd: Rock n Roller Coaster, Tomorrowland Speedway, new and old Test Track

4th: Backlot Tour, TriceraTop Spin, Dumbo, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Astro Orbiter

5th: Kilimanjaro Safari, IDK the next one, Mission Space?, Spaceship Earth, Peoplemover, Journey Into Imagination, IDK the last one

6th: Disney tram, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan's Flight, Little Mermaid, Seas with Nemo, Tower of Terror elevator

7th: Disney bus, Main Street trolley, carousel horse, Animal Kingdom train

8th: monorail, 2 Magic Kingdom trains

9th: Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Sawyer raft (sort of taking up 2 rows), Maelstrom

The other ones I can identify are the Jungle Cruise boat (brown with canopy and smoke stack), Living with the Land boat (green), the Kali River Rapids raft (round boat), the It's a Small world boats (red boat and blue boat), and the Liberty Bell riverboat (paddle steamer).


How did I do?

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You did great!


Row 5 - Kilimanjaro Safaris, If You Had Wings/If You Could Fly/Dream Flight, Horizons,.....


Can't tell if that is suppose to be two versions of Small World boats or a Small World Boat and a El Rio del Tiempo/Gran Fiesta Tour.


Below that is a Friendship Boat (EPCOT/EPCOT Resorts/Hollywood Studios), Sassagoula River Cruise (Downtown Disney/Port Orleans/Old Key West).


Between Kali and the riverboat are the two Magic Kingdom water taxi launches and cruisers.


The bottom row are two of the three Magic Kingdom ferry boats - General Joe Potter and Richard F. Irvine.

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Took a look at my cold hardy palms to see how they did after the 20 year lows. My two windmill palm saplings have some partial freeze burn on their fonds, but no total fond losses and the spears (new growth) are undamaged. My dwarf palmetto has zero freeze burn on it's fonds. One night I saw they were covered in frost but it didn't seem to bother it. My two Needle palm saplings also do not seem to have any freeze burn either. So they seemed to did pretty well during several days below freezing and a 3 degree night. Lows in the 20s and teens are nothing for these plants, but single digits is getting close to their limits. The Joshua tree (trunking Yucca) got a little freeze burn, usually it doesn't get any during winter. Hopefully the Musa Basjoo banana will spring back up since this is it's first winter, the stalk dies but the bulb is cold hardy and shoots a new stalk out in the Spring.

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