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Diamondback-- New for 2009 at Kings Island

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I think Nitro's layout is better and longer than Diamondback's. The only thing I really like is the splashdown. As far as the train's go, from what I have read the rear seat's are excellent, they give a strong feeling of isolation. They look like alot of fun in the back, but I would imagine the two front seats in the middle of the car would suck. Imagine riding Nitro in one of the two middle seat's on a car with no one in the outside ones.

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Iv'e never been on a coaster with a splashdown before, is there some sort of "fin" or something that causes the splash or is it the train itself?


There are small scoops on the back end of the trains that make the splash as they plow through the water. It's all show, with no real splash for the people on the train.


You can see the scoops here:



And what they do here:


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I was looking at the layout rendering's and one thing I do like is all the crossovers on the ride. On Nitro and Diamondback at the bottom of the first drop's they both have a slight turn to them, is there a reason for this, or is it just the design? I was wondering if it lessens the G's or something.

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Looks like the borrowed Nitro's layout a little bit. Still looks like a fun ride but the trains are odd. You can't really sit next to a friend unless you are in the first row of the car.

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