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Carowinds Announces Carolina Cobra for 2009

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Carowinds has announced the "new" Carolina Cobra for the 2009 season.


Click here for all the details!


Press Release:

Carolina Cobra to Strike at Carowinds for 2009


Charlotte, N.C. – There’s a new species coming to the Carolinas, but this is no animal! Carolina Cobra is an innovative new scream machine that will be the park’s 12th roller coaster when it makes its much-anticipated debut at Carowinds in 2009.


Carowinds, a 112-acre amusement park located on the border of the Carolinas, will debut Carolina Cobra in early spring 2009. This rebellious 125-foot-tall steel coaster will stand as the second tallest coaster in the park. This large new addition will hover near the entrance of Boomerang Bay, and, coincidentally, happens to be a “boomerang” coaster, meaning that it will travel the same track forwards and backwards.


The boomerang experience is unlike any coaster at Carowinds. Riders on the Carolina Cobra are pulled up a steep 125-foot lift hill and sent diving down a 120-foot drop, speeding along a 65-degree descent into three inversions, including a cobra roll and a 360-degree loop. The train is then “caught” by another lift hill, and, once it looses momentum, is towed to the top as riders wait in anticipation for the second descent. When the train is finally released, riders are sent racing into the inversions again…except this time in reverse!


In addition, Carolina Cobra is adorned with a newly designed train exclusive only to its tracks. No other parks in the United States have yet to utilize this spacious style of trains, designed specifically for a heightened rider-experience. This new sleek 28 passenger train will create an aerodynamic experience unlike any other on a coaster as riders undergo the sensations of wind and speed at an amplified level. With its narrowed nose and widened harnesses, Carolina Cobra is sure to provide a smooth ride.


“Carowinds has always been a perfect blend of family-entertainment and thrill attractions,” said John Shanrock, the park’s vice president and general manager. “For 2009, however, we plan to tilt the scale more to the thrill side! Carolina Cobra will be exhilarating and unlike any coaster that we house at this park. Only serious thrill-seekers should venture into the queues of this towering twisting serpent.”


Carolina Cobra joins a portfolio of 11 industry-leading roller coasters including Afterburn, Vortex, Carolina Cyclone, Nighthawk, The Hurler and Thunder Road.




The notable thing about this is it will be the first to have the new Vekoma trains which feature the rubber vest restraints (like the Great Nor' Easter in Wildwood), which should make the ride a little more comfortable... :D

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