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  2. It looks like it was from the Nickelodeon years!
  3. https://www.mcall.com/news/local/whitehall/mc-nws-dorney-park-island-water-works-20190718-3ff3eetfa5gghanmerjezh73zi-story.html Island Water Works wasn't in the best condition. A lot of the faucets and other features no longer work. I'm guessing the new version will probably have some slides attached like more modern play areas.
  4. This actually got me thinking, not only about the coaster, but has it crossed anyone’s minds that the supposed kids area might go in the area where El Diablo used to be? Not to mention there’s a chance that they could move a kiddie ride over where Splashwater Oasis used to be. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a Raptor. It would be a very unique coaster experience, and despite the concerns for capacity, the park doesn’t seem to really care considering Joker exists. Raptors currently only exist in Texas and California, maybe they could bring one to the east coast? This wouldn’t be the first time we get the second coaster model of a ride in the world after Fiesta Texas gets it the year before.
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  6. Going with the “tall and steel” here. I think we are going to get a Raptor. Not a WW clone though. I think they are going to move the Daffy submarine and the mini teacups to where the old safari kids car ride was. They will make a new entrance to the kids area just opposite of where the mini teacups are now. This will clear the area for guest going to and from the new coaster without going into the kids area. There is plenty of open space back there and wouldn’t have to cut down a lot of trees. I’m going with a Raptor only cause SF didn’t add one last year and if there were issues with WW RMC had some time to correct it. Plus WW has had great reviews. Couldn’t imagine SF not adding more.
  7. Star Wars fans aside, I don’t think the general public realizes or cares that it is not one of the main planets from the movies. All they know is that it looks like something that would exist in Star Wars.
  8. Besides building the two American GE lands, Disney is also building a half sized GE at EuroDisneyland. I think one of the big problems is that the land isn't very appealing to either SW fans or the general public as it is themed after a planet not seen in any of the movies or spinoff media which was a massive mistake. It would be like if Universal themed their Harry Potter land after another magic school that was not in either the films or books instead of Hogwarts. Here are aerial pictures of GE from July 4th, 2019. Not looking too good for Disney. They should have themed each land from a different planet from the films. Here is fanart of a Star Wars park from a few years ago, the park Disney should have built instead.
  9. Been a really hot stretch of weather this past week.
  10. It’s pretty inconvenient that there isn’t any actual video evidence of this, and that it’s been known through only word of mouth. I think that’s why a lot of the jokes/skepticism are going on.
  11. OK, so it was for 2020. That is so weird...then I guess it is a coaster.
  12. I think that was said after WW was announced. And he did say 2020 attraction.
  13. As an attendee of the event it was stated at, he made it very clear it was 2020. This was said about a week after Wonder Woman was announced anyway.
  14. I have confirmation it is Thursday, August 29th.
  15. Does anyone know the date that Six Flags makes the 2020 announcement?
  16. At this point, I am starting to think the whole "tall, steel and fast" clue was referring to Wonder Woman, as it fits the bill. Since we most likely aren't getting a coaster next year, there would be no reason for him to hint at a new coaster 3 years in advance. Especially with Six Flags, as they usually don't tease anytime before 2-3 months of announcements.
  17. Still any guess what 2020 addition would be and what markers around Looney Tunes Seaport would be? My still guess is either Premier Rides, RMC type coaster or Kids Area Revamp.
  18. That’s another thing I hope for, more effects on Congo Rapids so that way EVERYBODY on the raft gets wet. Even just a simple tunnel that has water coming out of it so that way everyone comes off wet instead of 4 - 5 people out of 12 getting wet.
  19. I would honestly be really happy with a Bucket Blaster type ride, as I want more water rides in the dry park! (Log flume always has a long line and it’s not very likely that everyone will get wet on Congo Rapids)
  20. anywho lets remember what Winkler said about the “tall, steel, and fast” all the way back at ROTB in 2018. If Winkler already knows what it was back in 2018, then it has to be at least a semi-big addition, right? And the park president wouldn’t lie like that, unless he enjoys getting bombarded by fanboys who are in denial that this park wont get an RMC raptor for at least another 5 years. Back on track, I am still going with my statement that there will be a coaster, probably comparable to Maxx Force, in the Seaport section of the park along with a kids refurbishment. I can certainly see both being done in the same year. Also a Nitro repaint as correct me if im wrong but i read somewhere that the park planned on repainting at least a ride a year.
  21. ^ shows lol there are none at the park that are actually good
  22. ^ A water ride in the theme park, a major expansion of Hurricane Harbor, .....
  23. If we do get a kids area, I honestly don’t see what else we could add that would delay the addition of a new coaster for next year. We’re overdue.
  24. That is a lot more likely. If Great Adventure were to get an RMC coaster, I think we are looking into the eyes of a custom Raptor/single rail coaster. RMC have also discussed a medium sized single rail coaster, between the size of a raptor and TREX, likely with two across. This would be a fair middle ground considering Great Adventure sees some of the greatest crowds in the Six Flags park network.
  25. Oh man, this whole debate for where this ride is going is so back and forth! I love it.
  26. That address is for IntaRide, Intamin’s US office based in Maryland, per Reddit user /u/spacemtnfan
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