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  3. Could anymore agree that the dark knight coaster should be retheme to wayne manor and batcave?, I mean they can make the exit though the gotham city store and change the facade to wayne manor Maybe if the batcave props from astroworld are still in storage, I can see six flags reuse the props for the coaster
  4. While going through several photos of the initial construction of the park I discovered something very interesting. Up until park opening, the Gingerbread Fancy Restaurant (now Granny's) was known as the Yum Yum Palace! In addition, the Yum Yum Palace (now Yum Yum Cafe) was known as the Ice Cream Palace. Signs positioned on the trees in front of each construction site included the park's project number and name for each structure. Here is the "Ice Cream Palace #7617" which became the Yum Yum Palace (today's Yum Yum Cafe): And here is the "Yum Yum Palace #7621" which became the Gingerbread Fancy (today's Granny's):
  5. Thanks all. Unfortunately I got waitlisted for a permit and I'm pretty sure I won't get a parking pass before the semester's over. I'll keep all of this in mind if I make the trip over the summer!
  6. About to visit for the first time and trying to figure out if I can save a few bucks by buying a ticket then upgrading it to a season pass once in the gate, rather than just buying the pass from the get-go. Have a few related questions: 1) Does anyone know the rate to upgrade a day ticket this year? I believe I saw $34.99, which I assume is for a regular, and perhaps more for gold? 2) I know in the past the minimum admission value has been $20 for a ticket to be valid for upgrade. Any idea if that's still the case this year? ^^ 2a) If so, if a ticket is worth under $20, can you pay the difference *plus* the upgrade price, or is it completely not valid for upgrade? The day I'm going has a $17.99 BAFF offer on my friend's pass, so I was thinking of buying that and then trying to upgrade, but not sure if that'll be possible. Any experience with something like this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Wild One is awesome. An excellent example of a classic wooden coaster. The water park is also pretty substantial, if you're interested in such things.
  8. You guys are doing great, I love the year books. I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
  9. I really like Joker's Jinx. Be very careful with your car there through. It is the only park somebody tried to break into my car.
  10. Last week
  11. It was at Epcot back in the 90's when I was a kid.
  12. I swear I wish I had just a quarter for every time he says RMC Raptor or TRex. I wouldn’t be in debt anymore
  13. Superman is a really fun ride. The SFNE version is better, but the SFA/SFDL version is a lot of fun too!
  14. Disneyland has started selling the shirt pictured below. This sums up many of my GA trips!
  15. @The Master Was the ginger ice cream from Disneyland? They seem to be a little more experimental with their foods on the other coast.
  16. I enjoyed the park during my visit, after lowering my expectations. (call me crazy) but I personally like their Superman more than our Nitro. Their wooden coasters are a lot of fun, especially since GA has no traditional woodies and I guess I forgot how they rode until I went there to ride them. I went during a Saturday during Fright Fest (the day portion) and there were NO LINES- it was packed but no one was on line for the major coasters- it just felt very strange. I didn't get a chance to ride their batman ride because they were running one train but apparently people actually liked this ride because, while Superman had a station wait, batman had a TWO HOUR wait- it was crazy I completely recommend heading to the back of the park to try out that coaster first.
  17. SFStL has a mirror image Batman. For me, I never got sick on any ride. However, I have gotten sick from bad food or colds at theme parks, mainly Disney. Once ate undercooked chicken at Disney, another time had ginger ice cream that did not agree with me, most other times I picked up weird bugs there.
  18. Last Sunday, as I was driving out of the park in the exit driveway through the woods, some dipcrap was driving the wrong way through the exit driveway and against all the cars leaving the park.
  19. The park's pretty quiet, you shouldn't have any issue knocking it all off in one day.
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