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  2. I could also see, Six Flags Over Georgia get a freespin
  3. Cyborg is a flat but. Im thinking not everyone wants to go upside down.
  4. No one knows, and those who do can't say. Asking over and over will not get you anywhere. I know nothing about what the 2020 additions will be, but once again with new competition on the coaster front (Meadowlands & Hershey) and the new competition on the kids front (Legoland), I could see either a new coaster, or an updated kids area, or both. At this point I don't even know if corporate or the park has made firm decisions about the next year yet. Part of it always has to do with what the competition is doing which isn't always known.
  5. It's the member appreciation event that went on without the ride preview. They probably had to have it since May is ending and June's Member Appreciation Event is early on June 8th.
  6. Maybe we could get a coaster next year or maybe not. Time tells....
  7. Who knows ....29 might have a clue but he aint tellin..
  8. Yesterday
  9. So are we getting Kids Area Expansion since Safari Tours removed with more park improving until 2021's major coaster aka RMC T-Rex?
  10. Ill take all of the above. Even some. But I agree we dont need another coaster right now.
  11. There could BE a Kids area expansion aka Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends area because kids needs a kiddie train comeback after it got removed years ago. Plus kids area expansion needs more kiddie rides. 2021 most likely getting a major coaster or 2020 whatever it is. Who 2020 addition would be now? A new coaster or Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends kids areas? Here's my two possibities 2020 additions @29yrswithaGApass @Medusa42 @Yoshi, @Tower @Matt Kaiser @CrazyCoaster @EasternThrills @Nitr0o @Pineracer @Coaster Justin @GAcoaster @TylerRRC1972 @Lemur, @FlumeOp1974: 1. RMC Raptor 2.Park Improving/Kids Area Expansion -Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends Kids Areas -New Shows -New Improving -More Repainting Rides (Batman, Nitro, etc...) -New Hurricane Harbor WaterSlide addition -Hotel (maybe?) -More Parking Improving -New Animal Additions
  12. Some people have said this as a joke and without any facts or evidence. Also many have said it would be nice to have a raptor but our park needs to add other things first that are more important.
  13. We are here, and so far it's cosplayers from the Comic event.
  14. SFGAM and SFA has billboards says Greeting from Six Flags with 8 letters with rides and coasters. Here's SFGadv is gonna have same thing: S = Kingda Ka I = Big Wheel X = El Toro F = Sky Screamer L = Nitro A = The Joker G = Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth S = Green Lantern
  15. Im still lost as to how one has a preview, with the attraction not running.
  16. Yeah you're right, it is like Funatics. That was 1 reward for each visit up to I think 6 visits. Some of those rewards were a free upgrade to preferred parking, 1 skip the line pass, 1 or 2 free sodas, and I think the final reward was a bring a friend free ticket. Edit, I actually still have the email about the program from 2010, here were the full details: Thought a visit to the park couldn't get any more rewarding?! Introducing Season Pass Funatics - our NEW Rewards Program that makes earning free stuff fun and easy! You may have participated in our Funatics Rewards program last year. Based on your feedback, we've made some improvements to our Rewards Program - including a new name! Read on to learn more about the Season Pass Funatics Rewards Program, and how you can earn great rewards just for visiting the park! How do you sign up? Joining is simple! Just buy a 2010 Season Pass and visit any Six Flags theme park - that's it! Then after each of your first five qualified visits to the parks*, you'll get awesome rewards sent straight to your inbox. What cool rewards can you earn?! SKIP THE LINE PASS After your first visit, use your Skip the Line Pass to hop aboard the ride of your choice without waiting in line - good for you AND a friend! FREE SODA After your second visit, quench your thirst with free refills for your 2010 Sport Bottle for the day! Just bring your Sport Bottle and reward voucher with you to the park. Don't have a 2010 Sport Bottle? Then get 2 free Regular fountain sodas! FREE PARKING After your third visit, how about getting free Regular Parking for the day?! Already have Season Pass Parking? Then get closer to the fun with a free Preferred Parking Upgrade, or treat a friend to the free Regular Parking reward. BRING A FRIEND FREE After your fourth visit, call the most fun person you know, because you've earned a Bring a Friend Free ticket good for one day admission to the park! 20% OFF 2011 SEASON PASS After your fifth visit, you can now take 20% off on up to FOUR 2011 Season Pass purchases! This valuable reward is our way of saying THANK YOU for being a loyal Six Flags fan!
  17. I think that's more similar to Six Flags' Funatics rewards from ~10 years ago. Can't remember the details, but that also sent you a pre-determined reward from what I remember. I think for each visit too?
  18. Dorney is adding Pass Perks for this season. It looks a little similar to Six Flags Membership Rewards program the main difference being that you can't pick what reward you want. https://www.dorneypark.com/tickets-passes/season-passes/pass-perks
  19. Apparently something happened with Zamperla and the motor in the ride system. Not sure how accurate this is.
  20. Last week
  21. Here is a good article about the issues facing S&S as a result of the U.S.-China trade war and tariffs. It shows the different impacts tariffs will have on future domestic and foreign projects. https://www.kuer.org/post/utah-amusement-ride-manufacturer-feeling-squeezed-both-sides-us-china-trade-war-speeds
  22. SFOG just open Pandemonium two days ago. Will Wonder Woman opening day plus media day will be next?
  23. 1. Your two names are terrible and barely thematic to Mardi Gras. Throwing words like "fat" and "booze" at something doesn't make it Mardi Gras themed. And how exactly does one "break" booze? 2. Firebird = Phoenix. Considering that they took a stand-up coaster that should have been sold for scrap and turned into a eminently ride-able floorless, it's an apt name.
  24. Not all of them. Additional monitors were added starting in 2007 in Wiggles World and at other locations in the following years.
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