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  2. I am just excited for the 29th, or whenever we find out what the new ride will be!
  3. I don't want it to get spoiled. I want to have a reaction when its actually revealed and there's footage of it. Not when i see a report describing the ride.
  4. They haven't really had processing in many years. You just go to the gate, they scan your voucher, give you a card, and that's mostly it. Pick up a lanyard at the table (I think), then your member cup (if applicable) at Member Services.
  5. They wouldn’t do it as a first ride themed to something. This was done with Cyborg, and in that teaser, it explicitly stated “world’s first”, not “world record-breaking”. The “world record-breaking” implicates something to do with the ride itself.
  6. What if the record is “worlds brightest paint job on a roller coaster”
  7. Dustin from Stranger Things was here today. Saw him on El Toro and Kingda Ka..
  8. These are obviously the main three. We could also see some, rather than world records, world's first or America's first from some of the coasters. For example, that Intamin coaster with the dueling invert and sit down loop, they could probably easily make one of those break the record for like the largest dueling loop on a coaster or something like that
  9. World's Tallest Powered Coaster World's Fastest Powered Coaster World's First Ride Themed to (pick a character)
  10. Those are the three primary candidates, especially given Six Flags’ recent history of additions.
  11. Also, what types of (potential) roller coasters could fit the bill for a "world record breaking project" for Six Flags Great Adventure? I listed a potential few below: RMC Raptor - Tallest, fastest, and longest single rail Premier Rides Multi Launch - World's tallest loop "175ft" S&S Air Launch - World's tallest double inversion (Taller than Maxx Force so 176ft+) Any other world records (type of coaster and the record) that anyone could think of?
  12. So of the 15 parks in the Six Flags chain, I’ve tried to make a very rough estimate of where budget (~$75M USD) could be distributed: Zamperla Discovery ($3M USD) x 2 = $6M USD Zamperla NebulaZ ($2M USD) x 1 = $2M USD Funtime Starflyer ($1.5M USD) x 2 = $3M USD Mack Power Splash ($10M USD) x 1 = $10M USD ABC Rides Tourbillon ($2M USD) x 2 = $4M USD Zamperla Endeavour ($2M USD) x 1 = $2M USD S&S Free Spin ($7M USD) x 1 = $7M USD RMC Raptor ($4M USD) x 1 = $4M USD Waterpark Additions (N/A) x 3 = allocate $10M USD This would be for 14 parks. This information and pricing are in no way substantiated, I am just throwing it out for the sake of prediction. Some of the costs are rough estimates, based on what I gathered from online searches. This would accrue to $48M USD, so we can round this to around $50M USD for the sake of analysis. That leaves roughly $20M USD (a little more, based on CapEx). If I’m being truthful, my coaster predictions in this formula are likely incorrect. We can shuffle around some of the additions, maybe throw in an S&S launched coaster instead of the Raptor or Free Spin. There potentially is a generous amount leftover that allows for an addition of around $10M USD (if not more) to be up for grabs.
  13. At this point I’m just ready to know what GADV is getting in 2020
  14. Yesterday
  15. I would be incredibly shocked if the addition happens to be a B&M Giga, so I’m going to go ahead and predict that just so that on the off chance it actually happens it’ll be great.
  16. I appreciate you not wanting to spoil anything. I understand as well. However can you give any type of hint more so than we have already received shocked as in good or bad. I was shocked with el Diablo
  17. ^ It's not theme to the Flash. Try another guess what coaster or what addition would be...
  18. I guarantee that those parties aren’t commenting on a speculation thread.
  19. Thats true, usually if somebody knows something, or "has" information, it gets leaked quickly. (ex. Pantheon Blueprints, Orion blueprints, SWSA Layout). The only people who probably know are higher ups in the park.
  20. certain parties absolutely need to know what you are planning on building...
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