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  2. I think Magic Mountain should focus on flat rides because there collection isn't so great. I could see them adding a 400+ sky screamer, or even a flat ride package, with the Zamperla Endeavor like Supergirl at SF St. Louis. The Chance freestyle like Cyborg: Hyper Drive and Pandemonium(at the great escape). Maybe they would finally get a Larson Loop too! Also, the last time they added something to the kids area was 2014 and it was a new coaster! So, I could see them adding a smaller kids expansion, like flying scooters. All I'm saying is that I dont think magic Mountain is getting a coaster two years in a row. I know it happened before with X2 and Scream, but the park needs to fill in other gaps in there lineup besides coasters! (I say those flat rides because Six Flags has been adding those models fairly recently.)
  3. Spanish regulators and the EU have approved this deal. It should be completed by mid-July. Then we have to wait for the fun to begin.
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  5. No offense but arguing that it's too cloudy in NJ for solar panels is pretty stupid. As people have pointed out, solar panels still produce energy when it is cloudy, just at a lower output. Are there places more optimal? Of course, but it isn't a bad place for them by any means. No matter how you try to portray it it is good that they now get most of their energy from clean, renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.
  6. As long as people keep coming, they'll keep raising prices. And if people stop coming they just offer discounts to make people think they're getting a deal (even though they're paying more than they used to).
  7. http://screamscape.com/html/six_flags_magic_mountain.htm Who wants to bet that the Intamin Zacspin is still leaving and "retracking" means replace with a custom S&S 4D Free Spin that is called Green Lantern? They can market "The NEW Green Lantern" for 2020.
  8. According to Modern Marvels in a 2005 episode It doesn’t have to be the sunniest. One in Germany gets less sun than Seattle
  9. Disney seems to be pricing themselves out of reach for the middle class. Instead of a family staying a week every year, it seems Disney prefers that a family only stays a couple days every few years or even once in a life cycle instead. Guess they just want very high guest turnovers with these high prices. Excuse my French but F Avio.
  10. I hate flying too and upgrading seats to another class doesn’t help much. Now, I just settle for an aisle seat in coach. I always try to book a 2-3 hour break between flights when I stop at LAX/SFO on my way to Hawaii or stop at IAH for a few hours on my way to Grand Cayman.
  11. I really hope that doesn't become the new standard for airplanes. I hate everything about flying already, a 5+ hour flight or even a 2 hour flight would be miserable without a regular seat.
  12. These new airplane seats by Avio Interiors at the Paris Air Show.
  13. Is the world's tallest and fastest kiddie coaster a thing?
  14. LEGO just released their SDCC exclusive Batman set, and I did a double-take when I noticed a tile in the set has the same exact logo as the pin. I thought it was odd that this pin was just a rectangle and didn't fit in with all the other member pins. I guess this is the official Batman 80 years logo. It's also on the website: https://www.dccomics.com/batman80
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  16. Well rest in piece lol . Still awesome to see that you could fit in a multi launch if you just modify the layout a bit!
  17. ^It's a bit too big, they would have to change the Dragon portion of the layout, unless they were able to go the other direction over the lake. That does look like an awesome coaster.
  18. @Medusa42 Could you do an overlay to scale of Soaring With Dragons over this plot of land to see how it would fit? I think it would be interesting to see how it could fit into this area. (I linked the google map of the area) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Binhu+Yujia,+Baohe+Qu,+Hefei+Shi,+Anhui+Sheng,+China,+231203/@31.695591,117.295391,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x35cb5c6a40fa6bfd:0x6e06f967864c29a9
  19. It would be interesting to see a multi-launch coaster similar to Taiga, but built by S&S instead of Intamin. The new trains and track design used on Maxx Force/Steel Curtain looks great.
  20. Great job! That really puts the size of the area into perspective. I'm sure something tall, fast and steel will fit there!
  21. To better visualize how much space this is and what could fit there, I took an image of Green Lantern at the same scale, flipped it, and made it semi-transparent.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zriYHMfAZNM Watch at 6:50 mark.
  23. I will probably bite the bullet and get a gold plus membership for the park next year. It comes out to like $5 more per year than a season pass and dining pass if I did my math correctly. I hope that they have the free upgrade to platinum that I have been seeing because, to me, that will make it much more worth it.
  24. I thought there was an actual conversation going on there for a quick minute.
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