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  2. They hyped up a super loop so honestly we should expect anything at this point
  3. No offense to anyone, but why would six flags hype up a ride that is somewhat of a family’s coaster?
  4. Yeah Maurer is not a high class manufacturer, especially for all this hype, it'd be a shame if that's what GA chooses...
  5. nobody wants Maurer junk here, if you like to have another chiller situation, then this is the perfect manufacture to choose...
  6. Today
  7. That’s actually a fairly interesting concept and I wouldn’t be too mad seeing this come to the park.
  8. I think Desmo Race is considered the world’s tallest powered coaster. The North America’s first claim would also be available. https://rcdb.com/15717.htm
  9. Would it take the world record for tallest, fastest and longest Spike coaster? I am wondering how they would market it, if this was the attraction.
  10. Imagine flying through the trees on Jersey Devils. Here is an interview that explains how the Spike coaster works.
  11. I already did all these parks but: Six Flags Great America Schlitterbahn Galveston Kemah Boardwalk Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Santa's Village aZoosment Park (July 14th with ACE) Movie Park Germany Cranger Kirmes Fair (Temporary Home of Olympia Looping) Efteling Bobbejaanland Toverland Walibi Belgium Phantasialand Holiday Park Tripsdrill Europa Park
  12. LOL I looked at it and thought "What's wrong with this ride" then I read the article and thought "Yup, I see the issue clear as day now".
  13. To say I’ll be disappointed is a severe understatement.
  14. From 2015 https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1635906
  15. That was closed when I went. Dang Rain Anyway, Now- 802
  16. Looks like the same track that was posted on Sunday but at a different angle. maybe moved on the floor
  17. https://7news.com.au/news/world/german-swastika-amusement-park-ride-shut-down-after-online-outrage-c-408338 Maybe it’s this
  18. What’s this a picture of? Is it a recent piece of track?
  19. How epic will this be if it’s some half rate flat ride like previous years, lolololol
  20. What if it’s an S&S launched coaster that doesn’t follow the simplistic layout that Maxx Force has? For example, has a top-hat, some inversions and airtime elements, and closer to 3,000 feet of track length. I am starting to believe that it is a dueling coaster, though. The park had Rolling Thunder and the Chiller, so they are no stranger to dueling coasters. I don’t know what ground-up coaster would be likely as a dueling coaster, besides something by Premier (i.e. West Coast Racers). The other option is a mobius-loop attraction, like the T-Rex in the video. I am still skeptical of the T-Rex, and whether or not this is an RMC project.
  21. Maurer Spike coaster would be interesting, it has 1000 p/h capacity, and 6 cars of 2 passengers (12). I am having a hard time imagining this being the addition, though. It could be a possibility.
  22. If I am not mistaken the Raptor has one across seating. But I am pretty sure it is implying a racing factor like previously mentioned. At first it made me think of a single rider line but I think that teasing that there is a single rider line is prob not the case but I wouldn’t put anything Six Flags
  23. I’d be really disappointed if this was just spelling out creature
  24. Surprised it hasn't been made yet. If I'm not mistaken, the 2020 thread was made before the 2019 announcement by the certain someone.
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