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  2. I think this actually a very interesting concept! To add on more, I did the approximate math for the measurements of specific rides, just to see how much they could fit into the old safari tours land (using the rides from Looney Tunes Seaport include Road Runner Railway and three other flat rides) & they actually fit in pretty well! (all of the numbers in the photo are in feet)
  3. John Winkler said that at ACE's (American Coaster Enthusiasts) Riding Of The Bull last September and that statement could refer to almost anything.
  4. A new kid's area I would bet on a new kid's area for sure. With new kid themed parks opening in the near future (Nick Universe at the Meadowlands and Legoland) a new kid's area would help with maintaining/increasing attendance of families with younger kids. As far as a coaster goes I think a LIM multi-launched coaster will be next (East Coast Racers?). With the solar arrays there is plenty of power available. Additionally, I would keep an eye on what improvements Cedar Fair has for Dorney Park. It's been a while since Dorney got something significant (Hydra) and they are also well within the radius of the new parks.
  5. But San Francisco still has 259 sunny days and just 72 days of precipitation in a year. At the same time, NJ gets much hotter in the Summer on the few sunny days we do get, and even on cloudy days too.
  6. ^That guy said there was a teaser by Six Flags saying "tall, steel and fast" for Great Adventure's 2020 addition. Where did he see that? I didn't hear about that.
  7. Last week
  8. Maybe we will get both additions: Kids Area Redo and custom RMC Raptor for next year.
  9. Unless they rework the enterance way to congo rapids, then i like to see the rapids mainentrance pool move to the middle of the rapids ride and give it a penguin retheme and add a harley quinn ride in the current mainentrance pool space, and maybe a better joker (or superman) ride next to nitro lift hill in that empty plot of land that would make a walkway that corrects with Adventure seaport and Movietown with part of Adventure seaport and all of Movietown and Old Country becomes dc universe, dc superfriends could be in part of the picnic area behind cyborg means moving the outside picnic area to where maple pavilion tent is and demolished the picnic area restrooms for a wide walkway for the picnic area
  10. AZ is too hot. One report I'd read said that San Francisco had better productivity than Phoenix due to the panels being too hot.
  11. Another Idea would be to scatter the Kids Areas again (Safari Kids-mins air safari, Elephants, train) to Golden Kingdom (preferably Ka extended queue/viewing area), Barnstormer, Heart's Away, Air Safari (and some new rides) over by Cyborg and Justice League (DC Super Friends). Scrap Jumping Joey and Deep Sea Diver (one of DC Super Friends is a kiddie drop tower) and send Road Runner and Taz Twister to National Park (Boomtown) and add a Lake Front Entrance. Jolly Roger replaces Elephants, Seaport Eats could become a Chop Six (but since they just redid Panda Express, this would be further down the line). Not sure if an East Coast Racers could fit between Skull Mountain and the rapids (w/o removing the rapids, but this is probably on the table), add a Zamerpla Disk'O (Pandamonium, Safari Tours spot-roughly), Adventure's Seaport becomes Screampunk District. I know there's a haunt over there, but there is space by Zumanjaro for one (use the thinner, right path, for entrance, and have it dump onto El Toro's exit). I also feel Six Flags would not mess with the themes of Ka and El Toro, being their stand out attractions. Even though you can easily plop West Coast Racers there, I don't there is an aesthetically pleasing way for it to work unless they built new buildings on the path from Golden Kingdom to Plaza (and the Golden Kingdom Shops too) as part of a boardwalk expansion. Even though Jackson is a little touchy when it comes to trees, and since a lot of parks are removing their water rides, they could be persuaded once soil tests prove their ideas.
  12. When I volunteered at Give kids the World back in March, we did Karaoke night at Old Town and it was a tad bit annoying seeing Rockstar Coaster and Mind Blower right there, but it was also maybe just as fun operating rides as it is to ride them.
  13. If that’s the case and I hope it is, then Gadv is doing an amazing job at revitalizing once “dead” areas of the park. Not only that, the right side of the park has been getting a lot of love lately and it’s good to see a balance of E-Ticket attractions on both sides of the park. The question is what addiction would complement that area of the park nicely. The obvious answer is a kids area but based on the surveys, I’m excited to see what 2020 brings.
  14. June 28th is the "Calypso Springs Launch Party" / Member Appreciation Event. The description says "Be the first to relax and enjoy the all new Calypso Springs with exclusive access before it's open to the public! Enjoy specialty beverages and collect your Calypso Springs pin." That's fast approaching, and they haven't created the Facebook event or released the schedule yet, so we'll see if that's still on track.
  15. This definitely is a big plot of land that could very well utilize a new large coaster.
  16. I doubt anything will be built to the left of the Joker on the former site of the grandstands. It would only obstruct the view of the lake and that is an asset to the park.
  17. Would there be room to the left of Joker for a somewhat compact coaster? Or is that area better suited for a flat ride?
  18. Another possible spot for a new potential attraction for possibly next or a couple of years is the old Rolling thunder spot. The land is already cleared, so Jackson wouldn’t probably be as angry about cutting down only a few trees. Even though their has been no markings for next year here it is still a very valuable piece of land that the park could utilize.
  19. ….I don't think it's a new kids area. It's something very big one.
  20. Let me add to the rumor mill. How about a renewed kiddie area and a major addition for 2020? The rides towards the rear portion of Looney Tunes Seaport could easily be relocated to the Safari Kids area especially with the former Safari Tours site (see below). That would free up a large plot of land as seen in yellow. The yellow area represents already developed land that wouldn't require much leveling of trees (something about which Jackson is sensitive).
  21. Probably a new kids area, and I'll just be waiting for 2021..
  22. They won’t really make money in the off-season or if they produce more than what’s used on a given day. Net-metered basically is like having a two way meter. When using more electric than is currently being produced the meter runs normally tracking usage to bill. When they produce more than what’s used the meter goes in the opposite direction basically building credit for future use. Going this route saves a ton of money because they don’t have to have batteries to store all of that energy. The draw back is that the park goes down when electric is out on the grid because they aren’t self sufficient. Not sure if Jersey is the same as NY but that usage / credit gets reset once a year and any extra produced over usage would get paid out but you really don’t want to be over because you only get a credit for production cost not what you’d see on your bill. So you want your anniversary date to be set so you don’t reset in prime months wasting what the banked in credit. Your anniversary is when ever you first turn it on but after the first year you can change it once. So as an example mine now resets for March 1st. That way I build up credit Spring - Fall when you generate the most and when you hit winter you have credit to draw from when you are using more than you can produce. By staying just under 100% they should never have wasted production and will only pay out 2% of what they used to have to. Very smart move.
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