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  2. It was at Epcot back in the 90's when I was a kid.
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  4. I swear I wish I had just a quarter for every time he says RMC Raptor or TRex. I wouldn’t be in debt anymore
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  6. Superman is a really fun ride. The SFNE version is better, but the SFA/SFDL version is a lot of fun too!
  7. Disneyland has started selling the shirt pictured below. This sums up many of my GA trips!
  8. @The Master Was the ginger ice cream from Disneyland? They seem to be a little more experimental with their foods on the other coast.
  9. I enjoyed the park during my visit, after lowering my expectations. (call me crazy) but I personally like their Superman more than our Nitro. Their wooden coasters are a lot of fun, especially since GA has no traditional woodies and I guess I forgot how they rode until I went there to ride them. I went during a Saturday during Fright Fest (the day portion) and there were NO LINES- it was packed but no one was on line for the major coasters- it just felt very strange. I didn't get a chance to ride their batman ride because they were running one train but apparently people actually liked this ride because, while Superman had a station wait, batman had a TWO HOUR wait- it was crazy I completely recommend heading to the back of the park to try out that coaster first.
  10. SFStL has a mirror image Batman. For me, I never got sick on any ride. However, I have gotten sick from bad food or colds at theme parks, mainly Disney. Once ate undercooked chicken at Disney, another time had ginger ice cream that did not agree with me, most other times I picked up weird bugs there.
  11. Last Sunday, as I was driving out of the park in the exit driveway through the woods, some dipcrap was driving the wrong way through the exit driveway and against all the cars leaving the park.
  12. The park's pretty quiet, you shouldn't have any issue knocking it all off in one day.
  13. With a few exceptions, the entire chain has been receiving the same type of additions over the years. Surely that does not mean that all attendance levels are the same across all Six Flags parks.
  14. That would be nice but it's possible the current attendance numbers and revenue don't warrant a budget increase. It would be great to see what the actual park attendance figures are for all of the parks in the chain, but Six Flags won't release that information. Cedar Fair just proved that the TEA/AECOM numbers can't be trusted. TEA/AECOM had 2017 attendance for Knott's Berry Farm at 4,034,000 people and Cedar Fair said during the last earnings call that attendance for the park in 2018 was 6,000,000+ people. I find it hard to believe that attendance suddenly increased by 2 million people. Great Adventure could be doing much better or much worse than the TEA/AECOM numbers show. The type of additions Great Adventure has been receiving appears to indicate that the park is performing on par with Six Flags Over Texas.
  15. Just in time for people to get their tax returns.
  16. For the last time, ehhh? Good, maybe now you'll give the rest of us some peace and stop posting the same baseless, pointless speculation you've been trying to pass off as rumor for two years now. Seriously, give it a rest. Your posts are making this forum extremely unpleasant to read.
  17. Thinking back to years ago and how little material we had, things have really snowballed! And of course with the more recent seasons (since the dawn of digital photography especially), we just have TONS of photos to sort through and that takes forever. Having more material is a blessing and a curse...
  18. Lower your expectations, but enjoy the park. They have a couple of great rides and it's not a bad park, but kind of sad compared to GA.
  19. Bringing back an old ride will NEVER happen. The cost to bring back an old, unreliable ride that few people liked is the same cost as building a new ride. Money is much better spent on something new.
  20. Great ideas, but unless you know where they can get an extra few million dollars to spend on them it won't happen. There are all kinds of things that we'd like to see happen and even the park would like to have happen, but unless they suddenly get a bigger budget for new rides, shows, etc, it won't happen. Perhaps when they get a new CEO they will change budget allocations and increase capital spending, but that would be at least 2 years down the road, and there are so many things that require spending now that are higher priority.
  21. I usually don't get to the park until the afternoon so I don't have the chance to ride the coaster that often. It's fun and the glow theming is cool but not worth the wait it usually gets. I only have gotten 4 or 5 rides in around 25 visits to the park since it opened. I'm going to try to get to the park on a weekday when schools are still in session and the park is open until 10 pm and stay until closing. Maybe then I'll have a chance to get multiple rides in with no wait and a front row Storm Runner ride. I'll look forward to seeing the track arrive and seeing the construction in future visits. This is the most excited I have been for a new coaster being added to a park in at least 10 years.
  22. Yeah NCSY is there those days with a concert on Monday. I still remember being at the park the same day as them years ago, 20 minute wait at Nitro...with an exit pass from the old Funatics Rewards program. I ended up riding 1 or 2 other coasters and left because it was so crowded.
  23. I only rode the Skyway with a stranger once. They were a single rider and walked into the car after me. I know it hurts capacity for a single rider on the Skyway but I'm glad they don't enforce having multiple people in each car. If there was still a ride in the park with a rule like that, I'd only go to the ride if I was at the park with someone I knew or if someone could ride alone if there was no line, only ride on low crowd days.
  24. I always hit Lafftrax first in the morning.
  25. Similar incident happened to me and mother, back when I was around 5 in 1990. Two german guys got into our car, only ever ride share with strangers on the Skyride.
  26. You can’t just Lego a roller coated together from scrap parts!? And dont waste your time rallying with posters for parts of Chiller to be brought back from Brazil....its been scrapped and melted down a long while ago.
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