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Hocken Swipette

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HOCKEN SWIPETTE is a cute little character who works in a sly sort of way. He loves to steal kisses, even though he gets very embarrassed every time he does it. But it's all a game for him, and he continues to do it whenever there is a chance. Hocken is a very dashing dresser and he is always in the practice of keeping himself near and in order. He loves children and could be with them all day. Our Hockenswippette appears to be a very distinguished person, but can be full of surprises. Since he is interested in everything that goes on at Great Adventure he is distracted very easily. He could be standing there talking to a group of guests, then all of a sudden, dash off to another group. He is constantly moving, but never rude. If he does want to speak, he could portray a fun-loving uncle type voice, and could possibly describe his younger relatives.

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