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Hocken Swipette

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HOCKEN SWIPETTE is a cute little character who works in a sly sort of way. He loves to steal kisses, even though he gets very embarrassed every time he does it. But it's all a game for him, and he continues to do it whenever there is a chance. Hocken is a very dashing dresser and he is always in the practice of keeping himself near and in order. He loves children and could be with them all day. Our Hockenswippette appears to be a very distinguished person, but can be full of surprises. Since he is interested in everything that goes on at Great Adventure he is distracted very easily. He could be standing there talking to a group of guests, then all of a sudden, dash off to another group. He is constantly moving, but never rude. If he does want to speak, he could portray a fun-loving uncle type voice, and could possibly describe his younger relatives.

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    • ? and Karen Cascarino.
    • June Taylor as Red, and Joe ? as a jester.
    • El Toro seems a little different.. 🤔
    • I was at this concert. Yngwie Malmsteen and Alcatraz opened this show. Probably my favorite day I've spent at the park. We got there early, hit some rides and had the time of our lives. This was when Ted Nugent was still a huge concert draw and would have no problem filling MSG let alone the arena at GA. At the best of my knowledge I leave what I think was the set list he performed that day below. This was mostly from memory but I did compare it to the few other set list I could dig from Nugent's penatrator tour. Wasn't much out there just like there isn't any photos or videos or even some bootleg recording. This was when taking cameras into concerts was a no no. There was alot of shenanigans going on in the parking lot and around all corners and cubby holes that make up the park, and since this is a family friendly site I'll just say we partied pretty hard that day. I think we rode the ferris wheel and skyride multiple times 😉. Hope theres some other people who remember that day and leave their memories. Here's that list.🤘🏼
      Blame It on the Night
      Knockin' at Your Door
      Don't You Want My Love
      (Where Do You) Draw the Line
      The Great White Buffalo
      Need You Bad
      Go Down Fighting
      Thunder Thighs
      Tied Up in Love
      Stormtroopin' / Hey Baby / Cat Scratch Fever / Wang Dang Sweet Poontang / Dog Eat Dog
    • Karen Cascarino on ? shoulders.