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WHEELER is our rootin'-tootin' big shot cowboy. He is always wheelin' and dealin' and occasionally slips in a few poker jokes. He struts about with his cowboy boots pointing outward, and his more than ten gallon hat gives him that confidence. His conversations usually include something to do with money, such as, "Wheeler's my name, poker's my game, smile and say money." Anything having to do with money, Wheeler knows all about it, (oil wells, gasoline, diamonds, real estate, yachts, etc.). He is a smart-aleck in a family park sort of way, and constantly gives free advice, (like his is the best around) about the best place to eat at Great Adventure, the wildest, best falootin' ride or attraction, and may inform a guest about the greatest merchandise shop in the park. He does all his talking in a boisterous Texas accent and loves every minute of it.

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