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Disney World December 2016

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 09:24 PM

Every time I am on Primeval Whirl I get this image of a reporter talking about how stress fractures were the cause of our car crashing off the track.  It's not until about half way through the ride and the rails are only a few feet off ground that I think to myself that I can survive the car coming off here... hopefully!

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 06:14 PM

I do the same thing on every wild mouse. The words "metal fatigue" and "stress fracture" just always run through my head. I guess because they seem so insubstantial compared to a major coaster. 

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Posted 03 February 2017 - 12:51 AM

I guess that is one benefit for an enclosed mouse ride like The Dark Knight. With all the theming to look at and the supports in the dark, they aren't as noticeable.


Disney Springs was the opposite of Animal Kingdom, extremely crowded with both the orange and lime parking garages having full signs. There were a few spots in the orange garage and the walkways in Disney Spring were full of people. The movie theater had a very long line maybe locals?


I have wanted to go to Disney Quest ever since it opened. The one time during a past trip we considered going it was raining and the person at the ticket booth warned us it was very crowded inside so we decided against it. On other trips it never seemed worth the cost when to add another theme park day was $10 or less (or even now at around $15 after the 4th day). Disney Quest wasn't crowded at all for the crowds at Disney Springs. Even knowing the technology was out of date, I still thought it would be fun since I really like video games.


I had heard Genie welcomes you to the building when you get in the elevator and that didn't happen. The elevator took us to the 3rd floor and near the entrance to Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster bumper cars. There was no wait and after a few minutes at the boarding area where the ride operators were trying to fix something, we entered the arena. I was surprised the doors didn't have some kind of lock. The ride seemed fun although was a little difficult to drive and shoot at the same time with only 1 person in the car. After about 45 seconds the ride broke down again and we had to exit the ride. 


Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam next. It was fun to stand on the disc and lean to move around and try to get the puck past the goalie but I thought with only 2 people playing maybe it wasn't as hectic as if there were 12 players. The rest of the floor was just video games. I was looking for the Fix It Felix machines and didn't see them. I later found out they were removed.


The 4th floor had a food place and just more video games. Ride The Comix still had the platforms where you played the game on both the 4th and 5th floor and they were empty.


The 5th floor had a closed food place a few video games and Invasion Alien Encounter. This was a shooting and piloting game depending on what role you chose that used some kind of mirrors or projections to make the game area seem larger than it was. It was ok but not something I would rush back to try unless there was no line like on this trip.


The 2nd floor was where things started to get worse. Sid's Create A Toy wasn't working with with the controls jumping around and not staying in place making it unplayable. There were booths where you could create your own song and of the 3 booths that weren't being used, 2 had touch screens that didn't work. There was also Animation Academy on this floor and a class was supposed to start in a few minutes. After waiting around for 10 minutes past the starting time, no one showed up either to have the class or to say there wasn't going to be a class. I know the sign said times could change without notice but if they cancelled the class, a cast member should have removed the time from the board or someone should have mentioned there wasn't going to be a class. With Animation Academy gone from Hollywood Studios I was looking forward to trying it again without going to California Adventure. There used to be an area where you could buy a CD of the song you created, the toy you designed from Sid's or a printout of the drawing from Animation Academy. Now this area was just some massage chairs that cost extra to use.


Cyber Space Mountain was also on the 2nd floor but seeing the design of the cars and how it looked claustrophobic, not liking Star Tours and it being the only attraction with a line, I didn't feel like taking a chance on riding.


Virtual Jungle Cruise was cool with the raft you sit in and then when the game starts, the blue area that is supposed to be water inflates the the game area. Even making sure the wheels on the paddles where rolling along the blue area, it didn't seem that responsive and wasn't expecting the raft to tilt so much with basically no restraints except for straps for your feet to go in. This was another attraction that was just ok. There were more video games on this floor, many of the exact same game.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold was the other major attraction on the first floor and was the highlight of the trip to Disney Quest. 1 person pilots the boat while everyone else fires cannons similar to the pull string controls at Toy Story Mania. This was also an attraction with 3D glasses and the boat moving up and down although we were told they could turn the moving off. It was a lot of fun steering the ship around and also trying to fire the cannons. Unfortunately we weren't able to defeat the ghost pirate at the end. I guess you need 4 or 5 people to stand a chance at that.


I did play a few regular video games while we were there but didn't want to spend too much time since I wanted to focus on the unique Disney Quest attractions and we were leaving to drive home after Downtown Disney and didn't want to leave too late.


Like Typhoon Lagoon there was no Disney Quest merchandise in the gift shop and just regular Disney World items.


If Disney Quest was a local place, I could see spending hours there playing the video games and other attractions and if the Philadelphia location had opened when I was in high school or college like the original plan was before it was cancelled, it would have been fun to spend the day there with a few friends and maybe even worth getting an annual pass for. With the current state of the building with so many attractions either closed, removed or not working I was a little disappointed with the place. I was glad I finally go to see the place especially with the announcement it will be closing this summer and was worth using a Water Park and Fun credit on but not worth the $45 admission it would cost to go in if paying out of pocket.


After Disney Quest we went back to Wolfgang Puck Express at the Marketplace and then to some stores in the area to use all the snack credits we had leftover to bring the snacks home. The Marketplace area of Disney Springs was even more crowded than the West Side with it being difficult just to walk around in some of the more congested areas.


Overall, it was a mostly fun trip and was nice to try some new places like Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Quest. I'm in no rush to return until some new rides open though.


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Posted 03 February 2017 - 11:06 AM

The only thing I really enjoyed was Cyber Space Mountain.  It was fun building your own coaster and then ride it.  Of course had to make it the most intense (I believe they rated the coaster thrill level 1-5, but not sure).

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