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GAH On-Ride Photos - Add Yours!

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Share your photos of official on-ride photos of you on Great Adventure Rides.



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    • Ok, I'm pretty sure that is my back.
    • Much of this, I have to believe, Warner LeRoy was behind given his penchant for everything over the top.  I can only imagine the battles he must have had with Hardwicke when it came to the marketing of the park.  But, in the end, it was absolutely crazy to have had multiple tag lines during those first two seasons when they should have been positioning the park very clearly in the minds of consumers.
      When I worked in research at the park (1985), the research library (basically a closet) was where we met each morning before going into the park to do ATS.  I would often read the various reports they had on the shelves.  It was crazy how many different research studies they conducted (during those first few seasons) regarding awareness and imagery of the park.  Huge proportions of those considering a visit to the park were unsure of exactly what the park was supposed to be.  I'm talking figures like two-thirds and more.
    • And if you wiki Ferris Wheels, it really wasn’t the world’s tallest at the time!
    • While I always liked "The Greatest Day In Your Life" as a tagline, I always realized it was hyperbole at its best.  This is the first time I have ever seen "The Entertainment Wonder of the World" tagline, and while it is also hyperbolic, it is also a direct ripoff of Walt Disney World's "The Vacation Kingdon of the World."