Friday - March 25, 2005

Opening day 2005 welcomed guest to a Six Flags Great Adventure that was in the process of being extensively renovated with the addition of the new Golden Kingdom.   The largest expansion to date at the park, visitors got to see a sneak preview of all the great attractions that would open later that spring. including the world record breaking Kingda Ka roller coaster.  Here are some photos from the 2005 opener.

The new Golden Kingdom would occupy not only the site of the former Bugs Bunny Land but also a large portion of the parking lot and a sizeable portion of the park stretching from Frontier Adventures to the Dream Street Tents. 
The Tweety Roundup kiddie carousel made a one year appearance outside of a dedicated children's area when it was relocated from the removed Bugs Bunny Land to the former ride pad from El Sombrero.  In 2006 it would be added to Bugs Bunny National Park.
The Taz Twister (the old Rotor ride) had its last season in 2005.  It was removed for the installation of El Toro in 2006. 
The park always looks huge from the Big Wheel before the leaves bloom. 
  Towards the end of its life, the Poland Spring Plunge (Hydro Flume) required tons of work. 
Ah, the Musik Express!   
And Spin Mesiter too!