Hot dogs are perhaps the most popular food for fair goers, so when Great Adventure expanded for the 1975 season it made sense to add a hot dog stand to its food lineup.

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The Junction Inn was named for its proximity to the railroad station for the Great Train Ride and the building was decorated with matching gingerbread trim. Like several other food stands in the park, the core of the building was a simple box.  It featured open counters on three sides and a central grill towards the rear.  An overhanging roof around the perimeter of the building was constructed to help protect the counters from the elements.  The Junction Inn was more substantial looking than the other walk-up foodstands with bulkier columns and a chunkier roof.

Over time as the park continued to expand and change, the menu of the Junction Inn changed along with the stand's names. For 1981 the Great Train Ride was removed along with the train station and the former Junction Inn became the Seafood House.  For years park visitors could dine on fresh seafood including lobsters, clams on the half shell, and fried shrimp.  

The change to Red River Taco in 1992 was kind of an odd theming choice.  While there was some connection to the adjoining Adventure Rivers area, the building was given a southwestern style makeover giving it a look more well suited to the park's western section at the opposite end of the Skyride.

For the 1997 season the building went through a complete remodel once more as the new Skull Mountain roller coaster was built adjacent to it. The highly themed attraction featured an overflow queue area that would wrap around the restaurant, so the building needed to take on the look of the mysterious jungle.

The menu changed once again with the new look, serving hot dogs just like when it first opened. The new look and menu lead to a new name, Mountain Dogs. For the 1999 season, the name changed again to Subway Hot Dogs after the overflow queue for Skull Mountain was removed.  This would be the final season for the Junction Inn building as it was replaced the following season with a new restaurant on the same site. 

Restaurant Names Through the Years

1975 - 1978 Hot Dog Stand
1979 Woodlands Hot Dog (Junction Inn)
1980 Junction Inn Hot Dogs
1981 - 1991 Seafood House
1992 - 1996 Red River Tacos
1997 - 1998 Mountain Hot Dogs
1999     Subway Hot Dogs