Six Flags has been a pioneer in the "Broadway-style" revue, and introduced elaborate musical stage shows throughout their parks. When Six Flags acquired Great Adventure, they added a new indoor show venue to the park's lineup, the Americana Music Hall, later known as Showcase Theater.

For the inaugural season of the Americana Music Hall, Six Flags introduced the Celebrate stage show, a "Broadway-style" musical revue.  The talented young cast performed eight shows each day from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The show ran a grueling schedule, with most days running a show every hour on the hour.  The 35 minute show left just enough time for the theater to clear out and the next audience to get seated.  There were two casts who performed each day, a day cast and an evening cast. 
Like many theme park shows, the music for the show was prerecorded as were some of the vocals and even the sound of tap dancing. While vocal tracks were pre-recorded for the chorus, solos were performed live.  At the time cordless microphones were unavailable so vocalist either had to move to the edge of the stage where stand-mics were setup or they had to bring corded hand-held mics out on stage when they entered.
To go with the many styles of music performed, the performers had several costume changes throughout the show.  The talented young performers really gave their all for every show, and spent so much time working together they became great friends and have memories that will remain with them all their lives.