Six Flags has been a pioneer in the "Broadway-style" revue, and introduced elaborate musical stage shows throughout their parks. When Six Flags acquired Great Adventure, they added a new indoor show venue to the park's lineup, the Americana Music Hall, later known as Showcase Theater.

For the second season of the Americana Music Hall, another equally ambitious and spectacular show was presented, though with only half the shows of the 1978 show "Celebrate" eliminating the need for a second cast.

Like the previous season's show, Those City Lights featured a talented young cast who gave it their all every performance. The show featured live solo vocalists singing to pre-recorded music with backing vocals. The cast had several costume changes throughout the show, with costumes to fit each era of music showcased.
The show's title and title song came from the 1978 Tony award winning Broadway show "The Act" which starred Liza Minnelli, directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Kander and Ebb, the writers of Chicago and Cabaret. Guests from the New York metropolitan area would have been very familiar with the song since it was used in the television commercials while it ran on Broadway.   
The shows sets were really spectacular featuring elaborate lighting and sparkling curtains. The show also featured what would become a fixture in the park's show venues for many season, the neon jukebox.

While there was only one cast for Those City Lights, the cast was larger, featuring twelve performers. The previous season's production featured ten performers in each cast.
Those City Lights was very much a reflection of the big Broadway shows of the era. The closing number closely echoes the look of "A Chorus Line" which had opened just a few years earlier in 1975, and would continue running through 1990.

Those City Lights ran in the afternoons each day between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. During the evening in the Americana Music Hall, the "Laser Worlds" show was presented.