Six Flags has been a pioneer in the "Broadway-style" revue, and introduced elaborate musical stage shows throughout their parks. When Six Flags acquired Great Adventure, they added a new indoor show venue to the park's lineup, the Americana Music Hall, later known as Showcase Theater.

The 1980 production in the Americana Music Hall was a tribute to the music of America-  the Strictly U.S.A. show.  The show featured various style of music from around the country as well as from different time periods.

The opening number was entitled "America's Singing" and featured the cast coming to life on stage one by one putting on a high energy song and dance routine that set the stage for the acts that followed.

The summer of 1980 was the still the height of the disco craze, and the costumes of the disco number came complete with "designer jeans" and Village People style uniforms.
American folk songs such as "O Shenandoah" and "Greensleeves"
transitioned into country hits from Broadway such as "Freedom" from the play Shenandoah.

This act wrapped up with more modern country hits representative of the big country music craze that was sweeping the USA in 1980.

The musical journey through the history of the United States touched upon all the eras including ragtime.
The music of the 1940's was another theme in the show with all the patriotism of the World War II era. 
The fun and energetic numbers were filled with dancing and colorful costumes.

This act made use of the neon jukebox first installed for theater's 1979 production "Those City Lights".
A real highlight of the show was the spectacular showgirl costumes representing the branches of the U.S. Military. These amazing costumes were like nothing in any of the shows presented in the park before.

The closing of the show was a rousing patriotic medley which included the song "This is My Country" and the unfurling of a huge American Flag that filled the stage.
Strictly U.S.A. ran throughout the summer of 1980, with shows running all afternoon.  In the evenings the Americana Music Hall hosted the "The Great Laser Adventure".