The North American Rivers Tower was the simplest and smallest of the three Adventure Rivers slides, featuring only two slides while the others each offered four.

Located on the far edge of the section, it offered two open style racing slides named the Colorado Cooler and the Snake Chute.

A unique aspect of the North American Tower was it opened up a seldom seen view of the back sections of the Hydro Flume, allowing guests to see the retention pond and lift hill from the ride stairs.

Like the other towers, theme elements included fence railings reflecting a rugged and rustic look with rough hewn logs, a simple stair railing and roof line, and a map depicting the locations of the river namesakes and explaining their importance to the people of the regions.

The slides looked deceivingly simple and tame, but offered one of the fastest and scariest rides in Adventure Rivers.   The double down drops and open slide design gave fast pops of air time, and challenged anyone suffering with a fear of heights.

The two slides were served by a single central conveyor which brought the boats back up to the top for the next riders.

Video of the
North American Rivers:

The North American Rivers tower was the smallest of the three, and was frequently overlooked due to its location on the outer edge of the  Adventure Rivers area.

After its removal, the former location of the ride exit was left as an odd looking dead end path which sat empty from 1999 until spring of 2000 when the area was rehabbed and updated as part of the Wiggles World section of the park.
Technical Information
Number of Rivers: 2 Racing Slides
Slide Names (Left to Right): Snake Chute
Colorado Cooler
Height: 40 feet
Length: 275 feet
Speed: 45 mph
Height Requirement: Under 42 with Adult
Capacity: 960 guests per hour
Features: High speed
Vertical Curves